Planning a wedding is a full time job. We all agree. The tiniest things matter and need your intervention. From selecting the number of dishes and variety of the menu at the wedding to picking out all the bridal trinkets to match your outfit. You pretty much need to become a one man army during this process. (Turning into bridezilla is inevitable!) Having said all of that, it’s possible to miss out some details or overplan, which may also lead to disaster. In this series, you’ll hear from #RealBrides who have confessions to make!

1. Not Choosing The Right Shoes!

I am 4’7” and my husband is 5’6”, so to look slightly taller in pictures I decided to wear heels (which I normally don’t wear!). I landed up buying glamorous stilettos for the big moment. On the wedding day, while I was dressed in my heavy lehenga and was walking towards the stage for the varmala, I tripped and had to stand bare feet the whole time after that.
#Tip: It’s very important to choose comfort over fashion. You are going to be standing for long hours and walking around in that elaborate outfit to meet and greet people. Choosing footwear that you’re comfortable in is of utmost important. Buy wedges or kitten heels, I would say.

– Garima Kumar, 26, Research Analyst

2. Not Booking Your Makeup Artist In Advance!

Even though I had booked my makeup artist eight months in advance, since it was a friend that I was relying on I hadn’t made an official booking with her. The biggest blow that came to me when she cancelled two months before the wedding saying she had some other commitments. I thought I had everything covered but this wasn’t expected at all and I was scouting for another MUA at the last moment.
#Tip: Book your Makeup Artist as soon as the date in finalized. Since you have a look in mind and want to be the best version of you on your wedding, getting a formal booking will only make you achieve what you desire.

– Ankita Mehra, 29, Financial Analyst

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Going Overboard Shopping For The Trousseau.

While shopping for my bridal trousseau, I had collected a lot of heavy bridal suits, sarees and makeup. What I didn’t realize is that I won’t even be able to use them over a span of two years, since there are so many, and the designs will become old after that.
#Tip: Shopping for bridal trousseau is the most exciting time for any bride-to-be and everyone wants to stock up on almost everything they can during flash sales, but instead of stocking up that almirah buy selective pieces that you’ll enjoy wearing more.

– Kajal Mehta, 30, Head of Brand Partnerships

4. Wanting To Do Everything By Yourself & Accommodate Everyone!

In an effort to make everything a little more organized and taking care of everyone’s needs, I landed up running around to make arrangements for them and had a major breakdown just a few minutes before entering the wedding hall as I didn’t get time to get ready properly.
#Tip: It’s obvious, you want your family and friends to have fun, but ultimately it’s your wedding. Worrying too much will take the joy out of the wedding. As long as there is enough food and plenty of seats, you know your guests are taken care off. Don’t forget, it’s your big day and it should be about you!

                                                                              –   Shikhu Anand, Homemaker

5. Not Reading Reviews Of “Top Vendors” Before Finalizing Them.

If I could do it over, I wouldn’t assume that a vendor who charges the top rate is necessarily the best choice for the wedding. My high priced caterer and floral decorator were disappointing. The caterer didn’t serve all the dishes that were promised and made silly excuses and the florist, who was said to be a “celebrity floral designer”, showed up 3 hours late for the setup.”
#Tip: Just because someone is charging you a higher price doesn’t mean that the services offered are the best. You have to do your research individually on each of the vendors and schedule meetings with them in advance and get some testimonials too.

                                                                               – Deepmala Manchanda, Married, Homemaker

6. Having Too Many Functions In One Day!

For the wedding celebrations, we had planned seven functions one after the other starting early in the morning and ending late at night. On the main day, I was tired as hell and couldn’t enjoy my own wedding. Initially, I was very excited about all these functions and wanted to squeeze them into the packed schedule which eventually backfired.
#Tip: Try and avoid having too many functions. Making it a compact and sweet event is much more fruitful and doesn’t come with any full stop. You can enjoy the moment while not worrying about the next function that you have to get ready for.

– Divyata Shergill, 34, Entrepreneur

7. Not Keeping A Realistic Budget For Your Bridal Outfits!

I had a mood board set with the type of Lehenga I wanted and I kept a certain amount aside for this. The bridal lehenga I ultimately bought was the double of what I had budgeted for. Even though it all turned out beautiful, the extra spend ate into my budget of the other things that I wanted.
#Tip: If you do have a vision of the what your bridal Lehenga should look like. Make sure to scout around and find out the price range before you set a budget. It’s best to do this in advance and estimate so that there are no shockers in the end.

– Riddhima Bhatnagar, 27, Senior Consultant

Image Source: Dream Framers

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