Indian weddings are all about family get-togethers with lots of naach gaana, prettiest of jewellery designs, designer outfits and delicious food. It’s the biggest day of your life and for most once in a lifetime affair. And, so planning a fairytale wedding requires proper management and execution so that everything goes just exactly the way you have dreamt off. With so much on your plate from wedding shopping, booking venues, hiring vendors to makeup trials and dance practices, it becomes practically impossible for brides -to-be to consider little things. Yes, those little things too need your attention, after all, the devil lies in the details! 

And, while it is going to be your first and perhaps the only chance to be a bride, make sure that you take care of the things that could prove very vital. 

Check out these real brides confessions about those little things that they feel could have make a huge difference at their wedding.

1. “I was so focused on doing everything by the rule book that I chose a traditional red bridal lehenga for my wedding day. Even though the colour red didn’t really suit me, I went ahead with it due to it’s quintessential feels. I totally regret it as wearing red made me uncomfortable in many ways. And, for this very reason, I haven’t been able to re-use my red bridal lehenga and probably will never do.” – Smita Jaiswal, 29

ShaadiWish Tip: Ditch the traditional reds and instead, opt for refreshing colours for your bridal lehenga. This way, you will not only set a new trend but will also be able to reuse your bridal lehenga on other occasions with different looks!

wedding outfit

Image Source: Dhanika Choksi Photography

wedding outfit

Image Source: Delhi Velvet

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2. “ I was so consumed with the wedding planning process and my work life, that I could not make out time to celebrate my bachelorette with my girlfriends. Though, my wedding festivities included a lot of pre wedding parties where we all got drunk and had fun, it wasn’t exactly the same.” – Vani Aggarwal, 26 

bachelorette party, bridesmaids, pre wedding celebration

Image Source: The Love Light Studio

ShaadiWish Tip: Make sure you plan a bachelorette trip which will not only give you an opportunity to relax and unwind but will also give you ample chances to click tons of pictures with your bridesmaids!

3. “I was so excited on my wedding day that I forgot to eat properly during the day. As a result, I felt all weak and tired even before my wedding started and had a severe headache amidst my wedding rituals.”  – Tamanna Hooda, 31

wedding day, bridal makeup

Image Source: Jatinder Grewal MUA

ShaadiWish Tip: It is recommended that a bride-to-be must sleep and eat well before her wedding day as it is going to be a big day with no time to relax and unwind.

4. “I am someone with OCD and so I was obsessing over the minutest of details for my wedding. And, as a result I turned into a bridezilla which wasn’t pleasant for me or my family.”    -Neeti Khaushik, 27 


ShaadiWish Tip: Your family knows you and your needs. They have been keeping up with you for a long time and have been a part of all those crazy wedding talks. It’s time for you to trust them and let them handle things. Don’t go nagging and criticizing everyone.

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5. “The biggest challenge I faced while planning my multicultural wedding was accommodating rituals and ceremonies from both sides. I felt so pressured to include every aspect of both cultures that we lost out on truly celebrating who we are.” – Kajal Jha, 24 

multi cultural wedding

ShaadiWish Tip: Instead of feeling the need to include every aspect and small rituals from both cultures, be smart and plan pre wedding celebrations with different themes from both sides.  

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6.  “I regret the fact that I didn’t take makeup trials prior to my engagement. I booked a well known makeup artist and to my shock she didn’t even do my makeup herself. One of her “trained” artist did it and it was horrible! 

I had booked her for my wedding too but after my horrible engagement makeup i took a refund. I should have taken a makeup trial which could have saved me from embarrassment on my engagement. It still feels sad whenever I see my engagement pictures.” – Meghna Bansal, 26

wedding makeup

Image Source: Cine Love Productions

ShaadiWish Tip: It’s important to book a makeup trial with your makeup artist. Make sure you plan a visit after you have purchased your outfit so that you both can decide how you want to look on your special day!

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6. “Okay, so the idea of wearing heels itself is so mesmerizing that I didn’t practically thought of carrying an extra pair of flat footwear at my wedding. And, trust me it sucks! I had to keep wearing those painful heels for more than 15 hours and at last I got tons of bruises on my foot that I could hardly walk and my husband had to literally carry me to the car during my vidai.” – Shavy Gandhi

bridal footwear

Image Source: Weddings By Knotty Days

ShaadiWish Tip: It is extremely important to be comfortable on your wedding day so that you can savour and enjoy every moment of it. So,ditch those painful heels and choose other comfortable bridal footwear options that are flooding the market.

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