A Bridezilla is a special species that makes an appearance during the wedding season. This helpless creature comes with a temper that can put Hades to shame. It is hard to look beyond this creature as its presence is overwhelming. While it can be testing to deal with a Bridezilla, its nature is an act of defence.

If you are a soon-to-be-bride, you can save yourself from becoming a Bridezilla. Do not make it difficult for your near and dear ones to help you out. We know that it is easier said than done but only if you can keep a few things in mind, you will become a bride fairy.

So, dear girl, here are a few useful tips on how not to be a Bridezilla:

1. Planning

The first thing that you need is a plan. Yes, not everything goes according to the plan but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t necessary. Chart out how you want things at your wedding to be, your requirements and the deadlines. You can easily structure your wedding if you have a plan. Your plan will keep you on track and let others know what you need and when you need it.

how not to be a bridezilla

2. You Are Not The Boss

Lady, this is your time but you are not the boss. Everyone around you loves you and that is why they are here. They will give their best to make your day memorable. They are not there to serve you. Do not shout at them or throw tantrums because things can go wrong. If they are happy, they will keep you happy. This will keep all the anger and agitation away from you.

how not to be a bridezilla

3. Communicating With Your Troop Will Help You Not Become A Bridezilla

If you want to avoid unnecessary confusion throughout your wedding then make sure to communicate. Things will not happen on their own. If you want something to be handled in a certain way then you have to clearly tell the person what you need. Nothing is going to happen magically because it is not a Karan Johar movie. If you want red roses, ask them to get you red roses. There are no fairy godmothers in real life. So, communicate.

how not to be a bridezilla

4. How Not To Be A Bridezilla: Don’t Hold Grudges

The most prominent feature in a bridezilla is that she can hold grudges, turn red and then give everyone a hard time. Do not do that. You don’t want to hurt the feelings of those who are there to help you. If something is not happening according to her Majesty’s wish then she should avoid it. It will be healthy for you and everything around you as well.

how not to be a bridezilla

5. Trust Your People For Not Making You Turn Into A Bridezilla

Everyone in attendance has been a part of your life. They know you and your needs. They have been keeping up with you for a long time and have been a part of all those crazy wedding talks. It’s time for you to trust them and let them handle things the way they feel comfortable. Don’t go nagging and criticizing everyone.

how not to be a bridezilla

6. Prioritizing Your Needs Will Help You Not Be A Bridezilla

The list of the things that a bride needs can measure the Earth and we are not asking you to cut its length. We are just asking you to prioritise it. Start from the top of the list and work towards the end. This will ensure that none of the important things is left for the last. You will feel a lot more relaxed by doing this and that is all we need to keep the monster at bay.
how not to be a bridezilla

7. Accept That You Cannot Control Everything

You are a bride and not the god. This simply means that you cannot control everybody’s action. There will be few glitches and bumps but it is not unusual. Be prepared for emergencies but do not freak out on petty things like the speed of the wind or the colour of the plates. Accept that edges can be beautiful too.

P.S. Messed up things make the most wonderful memories!

how not to be a bridezilla

8. Don’t Procrastinate

If you put your faith in tomorrow rather than today then you will be the recipient of the Bridezilla of the year award. Girl, do not leave everything for the end. Deal with things as they hit you. There is no tomorrow. It’s today and that is it. Leaving everything for the end will lead to all the tension that could have been easily avoided.

how not to be a bridezilla

9. Don’t Forget About The Real Deal

The purpose of the wedding is not to arrange a picture perfect carnival but to bind two people in holy matrimony. Your wedding will be the place where you two will take vows to love each other for the rest of your life. Don’t forget that the person who will stand next to you at the altar will be your constant. Everything else is temporary. This thought will never let that fire-breathing dragon win.

how not to be a bridezilla

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Let us tell you one thing honestly; it is the friends and family members of the Bridezilla who are affected the most by her conduct. Ask yourself, do you really want to hurt those who love you? We are sure that the answer is ‘no’. So, be calm and follow these easy steps. Prove people wrong that every bride is a Bridezilla. You are an amazing person and let everyone see that.

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