Bossy, dominant and prudish; these are the adjectives that are generally associated with a mom in law. But all you modern Indian brides, don’t get so alarmed because this is a lie. Mothers-in-law are not half as bad as they are portrayed on television. They are gentle, sweet and above all, they are mothers.
When you start living with another person, it takes you a while to adjust which can sometimes, lead to little arguments. Since you will be spending more time with your MIL initially, you are bound to have some clashes with her. 

So to help out all you modern Indian brides, here we bring some cool tips that will help you to get along with your future mom-in-law.

1. Break the ice

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First of all, break the ice. Your mom-in-law is just as nervous and excited as you are. Before you get married to her son, better start bonding with her! So, invite her to your bridal shopping and talk to her once in a while to avoid any awkward moments later on.

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2. Understanding

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While understanding is a two-way road, you can at least do your part right. You should keep in mind that till now, she has been the lady of the house and it would take her a while to accept the fact that she has to share that space with you. So, be understanding and give her some time.
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3. Take Her Advice

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This one is easy and works like magic. Take some advice from your mother-in-law. This will make her feel important and respected. Ask her about the family and we are sure that she will fall in love with you even before you are married to her son.

4. Get To Know Her

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Don’t rush to your fiance to find out about the likes and dislikes of his mother, do it yourself. Not only you will get to know her better, she would also appreciate your efforts. She would also take the initiative of getting to know you.

5. Kitchen Magic

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Agreed, most of the modern Indian brides do not like to cook. But when food is love, what’s the harm in learning to make it on your own? Impress your mom-in-law with your cooking and the work is done. It doesn’t matter if you are not a Masterchef, turn to her for cooking tips and she will love you even more. Anything related to the kitchen will do the work.
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6. Go Out With Her

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This is one of the best ways for the modern Indian brides to get along with their future mom-in-law. Go for shopping or coffee with your fiance’s mother and just talk like friends. Do this and after you are married, she will always take your side and not her son’s.

7. Give Her Space

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If there comes a point where you cannot agree with her, give her some space and do not force your opinion on her just because it is your wedding. Talk it out and come to a middle point. If you will give her space now, she won’t force her opinions on you once you are married.
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8. Be Real

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Whenever you are with your future MIL, be real because she is going to see right through you. You are going to live with this person once you are married and you cannot maintain a fake personality forever. The best thing would be to make her accept you as who you are so that there are no complications in the future and you two can get along well.

9. Let Her Be A Part Of Your World

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There is no rule that only a MIL can teach or advice her daughter-in-law. You can do it too. Invite her in your life and let her be a part of your world. Teach her something new like how to use Instagram! If you like going out, tell her. You really do not need to hide anything from her. Have an open relationship with her where you two can share everything.
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10. Talk!

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How many of us actually try to sit with our fiance’s mom and have a deep and meaningful conversation? You are getting married and moving to another home. This is a new experience for you but this is equally new for her too. Nothing could beat a good conversation. So, just sit with her and talk about your emotions, expectations, fears, and hopes. You two will connect with each other on a different level!
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This is 2018 and mothers-in-law are not monsters-in-law. All you need to do is get along with her and try to understand her. No other handbook is required. Love her, respect her and accept her; we are sure that she will do the same.

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