We have certainly made progress now that we can finally talk about women and sex openly! The world has come a long way and has accepted that women too like men can talk about their sexual desires and fantasies. However, it is upsetting that there are numerous assumptions and myths about female sexuality. From thinking that women orgasm only through intercourse to assuming they don’t desire sex as much as men do, the list goes on! These myths have existed for quite some time now. It is time we changed our perspective towards a woman’s sexuality.

So, Let’s Burst Some Ridiculous Myths About Female Sexuality:

1. Women Do Not Desire Sex As Much As Men Do

This is yet another common myth that most people hear or assume about. Let us say this out loud – this is purely judgmental, plain assumption and ridiculous! It is a myth that women do not desire sex or initiate it as much as men do. Studies prove that women want sex just as much as men but are often more hesitant to express their desires due to the fear of being ‘slut-shamed’.

Society’s regressive attitude concerning female sexuality often leads to women being comparatively less vocal about their desires. In fact, due to this, some women even wonder if there is something wrong with them simply because they have a healthy sex drive. So, to put it straight – there is nothing wrong with having a sex drive or a desire to satisfy one’s craving.

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2. Women Only Climax Through Vaginal Intercourse

A very common understanding that most people live by, is that woman can only orgasm through penetrative sex. Well, this is a ridiculous myth and we are here to burst it! While vaginal intercourse is pleasurable, it is believed by experts that almost 70-80% of women primarily experience orgasms through clitoral stimulation. In fact, it is not that penetration does not cause orgasm; stimulation of the clitoris is proven to be the main source of orgasm. So, ladies do not shy away from self-exploration! Also, if your partner is missing out on this part, it is best to bring it to his notice so that he can do a satisfying job!

3. No Vaginal Lubrication Means They Aren’t Turned On

This is one myth that most men have about women – if she is dry down there, she isn’t turned on. Well, vaginal dryness does not always have to mean this. This is called non-concordance. It occurs also because of several other reasons like menopause, medications or even hormones. In fact, some women produce more lubrication than others and it can vary from one woman to the other which is absolutely normal. So, here we are bursting the myth that vaginal lubrication is equivalent to an erection.

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4. Women Lose Interest After A Few Years

Well, it is not that women actually lose interest in sex after a few years. Although it can look that way when peering through an uninformed lens. This is mostly because women tend to shift their focus from that spontaneous life that they have in their 20s or 30s and start channelling their energy towards something more.

Be it having kids or settling down for a consistent lifestyle. When they get there, their energy usually is taken up with everyday chores, responsibilities and more which gives them less time to focus on self-pleasure. It is proven by many researchers that women in their 40s and above have the best time in their sexual life. While there is no age where women are considered to have a ‘peak’ sexually, it is believed that women tend to enjoy it more as they age.

Shattering 10 Myths About Female Sexuality

5. Women Are Not ‘Visually’ Stimulated Like Men

It is usually believed that men are visually triggered or stimulated but women aren’t. Well, this isn’t true. Due to the constant societal pressure, women tend to have a block that they cannot or rather should not fantasize about anyone else other than their partner. There is a very common notion that most people follow about how a “good girl” should be.

These notions of good girls don’t do this or good girls should not think this, often leads to women suppressing what they really feel. When discussing fantasies, women often shut down their distinctive ability to allow their fantasies to be free from social norms.  This may be often misconstrued that women aren’t stimulated instantly, do not fantasize like men do or aren’t aroused by watching erotica or porn.

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6. Women Are Less Sexually Adventurous Or Less Imaginative Than Men

Yes, some women may seem less adventurous than men, but this is not a hard-wired gender trait. Adventurous women are mostly labelled as ‘reckless’ for not constraining sexual desires. This leads to women being a little subtle about mentioning or expressing their views regarding their wants, fantasies and desires. They simply need a partner who would hear them out – with no judgements!

7. Women Do Not Enjoy Role Play Or Spontaneous Sex

While this may be subjective, the majority of the women do not mind trying role play or having that spontaneous time! Many women do not often realize that they are open to spontaneous sex until they are taken by surprise. Instead of carving out time in your busy schedule or feeling that you aren’t in a mood, let lose once and see the magic!

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8. Women Do Not Masturbate

Now why would anybody EVEN think this? We cannot believe this myth still exists! Women also have needs that cannot always be fulfilled by sex. Just like men masturbate, even women do! In fact, thanks to the previously burst myth, women focus more on clitoral stimulation rather than just penetration when it comes to masturbation. They spend time buying sex toys that help them achieve an orgasm. Well, let us set the record straight, this is absolutely normal! In fact, there are a wide range of sex toys for women to choose from and women shouldn’t shy away from indulging in them!

9. Women Do Not Care About Orgasms

This is a pretty selfish myth that needs to be tossed out. Women still enjoy sex without orgasm but that does not mean it is not important. Yes, it is difficult for most women to achieve an orgasm through penetration alone, but there are multiple other ways to get one. Adding some spice with foreplay and sex toys is definitely going to help! Women would totally love it if their partners could put in a little more effort to help them get one.

Shattering 10 Myths About Female Sexuality

10. Women Are Not Up For Flings And Casual Sex

Again – a very common belief about female sexuality; we live in 2024 people! This generation is all about shattering the glass ceiling and not shying away from what they want and need. We live in times where sex is not the way to a woman’s heart and people should accept the same.

Women are very much capable of having casual sex without having any strings attached. While women love having an emotional connection in bed with the man they love, there’s nothing wrong with single women who indulge in a one-night stand or a fling without wanting more. 

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