Having an intimate moment with your partner should be about both of you having fun and enjoying that moment. But sometimes things can go awry for any couple during sex and there’s no need to feel ashamed about it. Everyone knows that the moment of intimacy is not just a physical act, it is also an emotional one, so we’re here to tell you that it’s all OKAY!

We’ll tell you all things that could go wrong with a couple during sex or make you uncomfortable, but they’re all very common things to happen as well. So calm down and carry on.

Awkward Couple Moments

Here’s A Checklist Of Most Common Awkward Things That Happens To Every Couple During Sex-

1. Queefing During Sex

Much like during intense exercising or yoga sessions, many women tend to release gas through their vagina which feels like a fart but really isn’t. Queefing can also happen while you are indulging in intercourse. It could be an awkward moment but that is absolutely normal to happen. During sex, your body is very much active and so queefing is nothing to be ashamed about. 

couple during sex

2. Farting

Just like we mentioned above that it’s natural for your body to release some gases during intense workout sessions; either of the partners may or may not fart during sex too. And that’s a very common thing that our body does anyway, so why shy away? Just laugh it off and move on.

Awkward moments during sex

3. Getting Tired Mid-Way

Sex makes your body very active and speeds up your heart rate as well, and it is only natural to want to slow down when you feel too worked up. Yes, you do get tired during sex and it’s bound to happen if you’re not a very active person. And some people may feel ashamed of the fact that maybe they’re not good enough, but that’s not the case at all. We’d suggest you just slow down, catch your breath, and then continue. It can happen to either of you so it’s very important to understand that.

weird things that happen to couple during sex

4. Sometimes Your Body Doesn’t Cooperate

You know that feeling when you really want to have a burger but your body is too tired to get up and go get that burger? We’re sure y’all know it.

Much like that, it could sometimes happen when you’re really in the mood to get intimate with your partner but your significant other is unable to perform. We know that it could feel really embarrassing but we assure you that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about that. The best thing you can do is to put your partner at ease and both of you just cuddle instead. Sometimes your body just doesn’t react the way you want it to and it’s okay to let this moment pass and try again another day.


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5. Getting Too Wet

While it is completely normal to be wet down there while you’re having sexual intercourse, we’ve noticed a lot of ladies talk about feeling embarrassed for getting too wet. Well, ladies, we’re here to tell you that you need not feel ashamed about that. Getting wet could just simply mean that you’re really enjoying and having a great time. Or it may sometimes just be hormonal, as simple as that.

Lust stories kiara advani

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6. Not Getting Wet 

Uhh…yeah! Just like getting too wet can make some people awkward, not getting wet at all does the same thing. Being dry down there is absolutely normal once in a while. It could also happen due to biological reasons if your body is going through changes. And in that case, it is also very normal to use lubricants to ease the process. Just be open-minded and help each other out.

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7. Menstruating During Sex

You read it right, for those of you who’ve not been there it could be really weird when it happens. Sometimes your periods might come early and it could be during sex, while some couples seem to be completely okay with this, some aren’t. It’s something no one can control so why worry about that? If you’re the kind of couple who doesn’t mind having sex during periods then there’s no problem. But if you’re a couple who isn’t comfortable with that, well then you could wait. 

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Apart from this, we’d say the most important thing is to communicate with each other, figuring out what the other person is comfortable with or not. And talk about these things beforehand if you feel it could help. Both the partners are at a vulnerable level at this stage and no one should have to feel bad about not doing something they’re uncomfortable with. All you have to do is laugh the weird moments away and be mindful of one another’s insecurities.

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