Amidst all the wedding planning stress and chaos, these first night tips for brides would be a savior. Whether it is an arranged or love marriage, the nervousness and anxiety level is the same for all brides. Well, you are going to remember your wedding night forever so make sure it is a memorable one. 

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We at ShaadiWish have always been a guiding angel for all our brides and therefore we bring to you some amazing tips for your wedding night that will be very helpful to you.

Here Are Some First Night Tips For Brides That They Must Keep In Their Mind –

1. Enjoy And Relax Together

Since, it is now only you and your partner, you both should just relax and enjoy together. The wedding and ceremonies are over, so just pour a glass of wine and have the time of your lives.

First Night Tips For Brides

You will totally relate to these thoughts every bride-to-be has during her first brazilian wax.

2. Communicate With Each Other

Even if it is a love marriage, make sure to communicate with your BAE. Connect as friends first, get to know each other and you will notice that your love for each other grows stronger everyday.

3. Slip Into Something Sexy And Comfortable

Soft, silky lingerie may not be the newest idea, but it’s always fun. Make sure that you are comfortable enough in what you wear because it really kills the mood and you obviously don’t want to spoil your first night because of it.

bridal lingerie

In case you wanted to know everything about bridal lingerie.

4. Go Slow

It is not a ritual that you have to do it on your first night. Infact, at that moment you should really just hug each other, cuddle and relax. Take it slow and we bet it will be more special for the two of you.

first night thoughts

5. The First Time Is Awkward  For Both Of You

If you think, he is not hesitating, then you have got it all wrong. Just like you, he is nervous and awkward too. So, before you jump on to it, know each other and make the moment really very special.

wedding night

Thoughts every groom has on his wedding day.

6. Take Tips From Your Closed Ones

Well, you can always take some advice from your close friends or older sisters. Their experience will surely be a full on guide for you and you can totally clear your doubts with them.

tips for first night

So, now there is no need to worry at all. Just take it easy and slowly and we are sure your first night will always be memorable and special for both of you.

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