Whenever we talk about weddings, it is the bride who takes away all the attention and not the groom. Everyone starts pampering the bride making sure she isn’t too high on emotions and fears to leave her home and family. More or less, we often make it quite a deal for a bride and the poor groom has to remain out of the frame. Like, it’s just the bride who is getting married and not the groom! Common guys, why we always forget gender equality here? Even men have emotions and fears. A decision to get married equally affects a man just like a woman. Though, they have quite a different lot of insecurities and thoughts. And while everyone is pretty much aware of bride’s thoughts, aren’t you curious that what goes inside the mind of a groom? Is he nervous or chilled out? Want to know all about groom thoughts?

Here’s a sneak peek to what goes in the mind of the groom on his wedding day:

1. Ahh! Do I really have to share my bed with her? And my cupboard and bathroom! Seriously?

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts2. Do I really have to keep my room neat and clean? Oh my my..will miss my little messy world!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts3. I hope she would understand my bro code and let me party with my friends..just SOMETIMES!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

4. I hope I don’t have to choose between my mom and my wife now!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

5. I hope she lets me enjoy my football and cricket games in peace!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

6. I hope she doesn’t shop a lot or else how will I manage my expenses?

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

7. How our first night will be like? What am I going to do?

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

8. Oh, this Sehra is kind of irritating. Why I have to keep wearing it? When will she come? How is she looking? Man, I want to see her!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

Picture Courtesy: Bhawjeet Sawhney

9. Where are my Juttis?? Oh Wait, I am going to be cashless now!

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

10. Can’t we skip these pheres and go on our honeymoon?

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

11. Will she really bring me a glass of milk like in movies?

groom thoughts, wedding day thoughts

You may think that these groom thoughts are crazy and completely insane but c’mon this is the reality and this is exactly what every groom has in his mind on his big day. So, now you know all about these groom thoughts, why not tease your husband to be or brother who is all set to get married soon?!

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