Every couple has certain expectations for the first night of the wedding. They want it to be perfect. And, the first night of the wedding is all about some nervousness, apprehensions and a lot of excitement. Both Bollywood and Hollywood has conditioned us into thinking that the first time you get intimate with someone, it has to be magical. Things fall into place on their own and you are left with nothing but a powerful excitement. Well, that’s a far cry from the truth. Whether or not you are a virgin, your first night of the wedding as husband and wife will be a mix of amazing and awkward things. We are going, to be honest with you and tell you the things that no one else would. So, these are the things that you can expect to happen on your first night of the wedding:

1. Nothing At All

Indian weddings tend to stretch overnight. Also, the exertion of those pre-wedding events, dancing and posing all night can really drain all the energy out of you. It is quite possible that you two just sleep and do nothing else! Catching on the sleep is the priority at the moment.

2. It is Not Magical

If you think that your first night of the wedding will be as magical as they show in the movies then get ready to be disappointed. Real-life and reel-life are very different. Just like your dupatta doesn’t get stuck in the cufflink of a hero, your first night of the wedding would be different too. It would be better if you don’t build up your first night of the wedding after watching a movie.

3. Being Awkward Is Natural

Sex can be awkward. Our bodies don’t always behave the way we want them to be, especially when we are naked. You will be experiencing a lot of sensations for the first time that might make your body to react in a certain way that you won’t be expecting. So, don’t be embarrassed about that. Just enjoy your time with your partner.

4. Things Can Get Loud

We are not saying that you two will be screaming at the top of your voice but the whole experience can get a little loud. Since you two won’t be alone in the house, try to keep it down. You don’t want your relatives to waking up in the middle of the night because of your shenanigans.

5. It Can Be A Painful Experience

Sex can be painful and there are a lot of factors that contribute to that. Even if you have done it before, the tiredness, a new home, and so many other factors can make things painful. Don’t worry as this won’t be the case the next time. It will be better when you are relaxed.

6. You Might Feel Embarrassed

We all have a lot of self-doubts and apprehensions. They reach the maximum level when we are naked. There is no veil between you two and you will feel shy. This might make you feel a little embarrassed and it’s okay. Trust us, things will get better with time.

7. Wedding Clothes Will Be Your Foreplay

Your husband will help you to get rid of those dozens of hairpins that have been bothering you. He will also help you to get off that heavy lehenga. This will turn on both of you and it might get a little difficult to keep your hands off each other.

8. It Won’t Be That Private

As much as you want your first night of the wedding to be a private affair, it won’t happen. If you are at the house then you will be disturbed by the relatives from time to time. Even if you book a room, there are always chances of friends and cousins dropping there just to annoy you.

9. Tedious Next Morning

You will be rushing on the next morning. Won’t get enough time to snuggle or catch-up on your sleep. You would be expected to do a lot of rituals the next morning. So, spending time in bed with your partner won’t be a possibility!

Despite all the embarrassment, tiredness, rush and lack of privacy, your first night of the wedding as husband and wife would be special. You will remember this for the rest of your life. Just enjoy the moment and celebrate being with each other.

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