So you have decided to take the plunge and book yourself for the first Brazilian wax session ever. Woah..ladies, it takes a lot of us. Also, we get you if you too have a hard time struggling to shave your bikini area-cutting yourself at least twice or leaving behind that one patch unshaved. But, now that you are getting married, you gotta make up your mind to go all smooth and soft down there, no matter how terrifying it may sound to you.

brazilian wax thoughts

Knowing how dreadful it feels to get that hot wax poured on your bikini area, we thought of compiling some of the most thoughts every girl has before, during and after her first bikini wax appointment.

We bet you will relate to these thoughts you might have during your Brazilian wax session:

1. OMG! Should I Really Be Putting Myself Into This Situation?

Should I or should I not book my Brazilian wax appointment? Arghhh…why..why..why the hell we have to do something like this?

Brazilian wax thoughts2. Should I Trim The Bush Before Going?

Well, it may feel a bit embarrassing, but that’s okay!

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3. Is It Gonna Hurt A Lot?

Waxing is no easy game and oh boy, you have to be patient. (This too shall pass)

4. It’s No Big Deal Getting A Brazilian Wax Done. I Can Do This. Everyone Does.

Staying confident is the key 😉

brazilian wax thoughts5. No..No..No..Did She Just Ask Me To Undress And Lie Naked In Front Of Her?

Well, who said it’s gonna be that simple?

brazilian waxing thoughts6. Why Is She Constantly Staring Down There?

Oh Boy, this is really very awkward. 

7. I Wonder How Many Girls She Has Seen Like This?

This is so freaking weird.

weird thoughts8. Are We Really Having  A Discussion About My Vagina?

Totally not the kind of conversation you would want to have with a stranger.

salon thoughts9. Oh God! It Was Just The First Strip! I Guess I Am Going To Die Till The Time She Finishes Doing Brazilian wax.

Inhale…Exhale…And Inhale….

waxing thoughts10. Wait…That Was Only Side One?

No..No..No..this can’t be true. I can’t take this pain anymore.

scary thoughts

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11. I Am Never Doing It Again. Ever.

What is Brazilian wax? I don’t know if anything like this even exists.

brazilian wax thoughts

12. It Does Feel So Soft, Smooth And Good Down There. It Wasn’t That Bad Afterall.

Yes, I might just do it again!

13. Wait, What?? I Am Not Doing It Again The Next Month.

Why can’t it last for a lifetime?  

brazilian wax thoughts

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