Well, ladies, we’re back with another guide to help you lose weight. But fret not, this time it’s not about eating healthy and doing yoga (although you should), it’s about a very interesting alternative. We’re sure that by now you know what that alternative is, so yes, sex. We’re gonna talk about some sex positions that’ll help you lose weight. Like any other workout, sex is also a form of physical workout, your body burns a lot of calories when you indulge in sexual intercourse. There are a lot of sex positions out there. And so, keeping that in mind, we’ll be telling you some positions that’ll help you lose weight while you and you’re partner are at it. Also, it’s a workout that you both can do together and take pleasure in doing. 

Take Notes Of These Sex Positions That’ll Help You Lose Weight Faster-

1. Standing Sex Position

As the name suggests, a standing sex position is when you both indulge in sex while still standing. As the position requires you both to stand while having sex, both of you have to engage your core muscles. And that way you both end up burning a lot of calories while having sex. 


2. Missionary Position

The good old missionary sex position is also a great way to lose weight. As you both can switch positions. Whoever is on the top burns more calories, so that way you both get to switch your sex positions. It engages your core and butt muscles.

3. Arch Position

The arch position is a tricky but not so difficult sex position for both of you to try. In this position, the woman lies down while raising her hips. And the man has to perform the sex while the woman gets to focus on holding her position and engaging her core muscles. The man can also support her hips from time to time to give her a little break.

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4. Cowgirl

A cowgirl sex position is one where the woman sits on top of the man and moves forward and backward. This way her body is fully engaged. If you do it right you can target a lot of muscle groups at once. Usually, the pelvic and the lower abdominal muscles are engaged, but with the right moves, you can work your thighs and calves as well.

5. Dog Position

The dog position or the doggy style is a position where the girl is bent down and the man is standing while having sex. The man’s pelvic and butt muscles are most engaged, while the woman’s quads and abdominal muscles are engaged. Both of you get to work your body out and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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6. The Bridge Pose

Similar to the yoga bridge pose, this sex position involves your full body. In this sex position, the woman has to sorta lay in a reverse plank position. It requires the woman to hold her body upright with help of her arm and leg strength. The woman is required to stay in this position while having sex and that’s how you get to work your whole body. It is a very intense and effective sex position to lose weight.

7. Chair Position

The chair position basically requires you both to have sex on a chair. While the guy sits on the chair and the lady has to sit on his thigh, facing him. The woman is required to move and thrust throughout while having sex. It burns a lot of calories and engages your upper body.

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