If there’s anything quarantine taught us this year, it was definitely binge-watching the countless number of TV shows. No matter what genre you prefer OTT platforms really came through with their wide range of show offerings. While everyone has their own preferences, be it sitcoms, actions, thrillers, or mystery; we can all agree every once in a while we do like to watch some sexy TV shows to turn the heat up. Whether you were stuck with your bf/gf in the lockdown or you were newlyweds whose honeymoon plans came crashing down due to the pandemic. These TV shows with the hottest sex scenes have definitely been on your guilty ‘pleasure’ list, for sure!

If you love TV shows with the hottest sex scenes but also care about the plotline, then this list of sexy tv shows is for you.

Indulge In Some Guilty ‘Pleasure’ With These Hottest TV Shows-

1. Made In Heaven

This gripping and exciting TV series directed by Zoya Akhtar should definitely be on your binge list. Apart from shattering patriarchal norms, the show also indulges in some very intense and steamy scenes. The show also normalized LGBTQ intimacy with actor Arjun Mathur playing the role of an Indian gay man. With some gorgeous actors like Jim Sarbh and Shobita Dhulipala, all you can expect is heat.

Made In Heaven

2. Game of Thrones

If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet, you’re definitely missing out on a lot. The show is 8 seasons long and its fanbase has increased phenomenally with every season. This fantasy-drama is a legendary saga of family and politics but is also quite famous for its very hot sex scenes. If that’s your jam, then binge away.

Game of Thrones, Hottest sex scenes

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3. Orange Is The New Black

OITB is an LGBTQ show following the lives of two ex-lovers who end up in the same penitentiary facility and end up falling in love all over again. The show celebrates womanhood and involves a lot of steamy shots as well. Apart from all that, the show also depicts female friendships and the fault in the correctional system of the country. Watch now!

Orange Is The New Black

4. Four More Shots Please!

The show follows the lives of four women and their unbreakable bond. It depicts how these four women live their lives unapologetically and don’t give a single hoot to misogynistic ideals of the society. The girls explore their careers, lives, and womanhood. And through all the ups and downs, they end up having a lot of sex as well.

Four More Shots Please

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5. You

This crazy stalker Joe gets obsessed with a girl named Beck and starts monitoring her every move so that he can make her fall in love with him. And succeeding in his evil plans, he somehow gets her to believe that he’s a nice man, who is caring and thoughtful. Like any other normal girl, Beck is swept off her feet and they end up having a lot of sex. Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Well, start streaming.

You - Netflix Series, Hottest sex scenes

6. Gossip Girl

The show follows the lives of rich and privileged teens enrolled in a private school who seem to believe that the world is in their hands. But all their dreams come crashing down when an anonymous blogger starts spilling all their secrets one by one. From who cheated on who, to who slept with whom, everything that could hamper their reputation. If teen drama is right up your alley, then this show is for you.

Gossip Girl

7. Scandal

For thriller buffs, Scandal follows the life of an ex-media consultant who worked with the POTUS. After starting her own management crisis firm, she soon realizes that her employees might be hiding some dark secrets that might potentially ruin her career. With lots of badass boss moments and intense hottest sex scenes, protagonist Olivia Pope owns the show. 


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8. The Vampire Diaries

We can’t deny that vampires are extremely sexy, at least that’s what pop culture has portrayed them like. Another high school teen drama that follows the mysterious lives of two vampires Stefan and Damon. Following their high school lives and teen romances, there’s a lot of steamy scenes and a lot of drama as well.

The Vampire Diaries, Hottest sex scenes

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