With wedding season, there comes a lot of pressure on every woman who is set to attend it. It’s not just a meme or a funny comment when women state that they run at the sight of aunties during weddings. We know, weddings are certainly joyous occasions, however, they can also come with their fair share of annoying comments or questions, particularly for women. So much drama happens in Indian weddings and ShaadiWish has listed some annoying things women hear!

So, Here’s A Quick Insight At What Annoying Things And Questions Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings: 

1. When Are You Getting Married?

Ab Toh 28 Ki Ho Gayi Ho, Shaadi Kab Karogi?

Yep, as cliché as it sounds, it is a go-to question for many aunties to ask whenever they spot an unmarried woman.

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2. Do You Know How To Cook?

10 Annoying Things Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings!

Pura Khana Bana Leti Ho Beta Ya Sirf Chai Aur Maggie Banana Aata Hai?

Comments about a woman’s cooking abilities or lack thereof can be frustrating, as they reinforce traditional gender roles.

3. What Is This Outfit?

Ye Kya Pehna Hai? Backless Blouse? Beta Kuch Achha Traditional Pehen Lete!

No matter what you wear and how you wear it, women are bound to face pressure to conform to certain dress codes or traditional attire!

4. This Color Isn’t Suiting You!

10 Annoying Things Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings!

Yeh Pink Color Tumhein Jach Nahin Kar Raha, Koi Neutral Colour Try Karlete.

If it’s not the dress type, it’s always an annoying thing about the outfit’s color! People just have a comment to pass conforming if a certain color is enhancing your skin tone or dulling it.

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5. Have You Put On Weight?

Arre Beta, Weight Gain Kar Liya Haina? Kal Se Gym Shuru Kardo Kyunki Agla Number Toh Tumhara Hi Hai.

Isn’t this just so immensely annoying that you want to say – Haanji, kal se hi mere sath aapki bhi membership start karwa deti hoon!

6. Why So Much Makeup? You Look Better Natural!

10 Annoying Things Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings!

Makeup Thoda Zyada Nahi Ho Gaya Beta? Lipstick Thodi Bold Hai! Tu Natural Hi Achhi Lagti Hai!

Backhanded compliments are the worst! They definitely make you want to roll your eyes, isn’t it?

7. Don’t Dance Like This – So Openly!

Beta, Ladkiyaan Aise Sabke Saamne Dance Nahin Karti.

While girls aren’t “supposed” to dance the way they like, who’s going to tell the aunties/uncles that their son has been constantly ogling at you?

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8. You Are Next!

10 Annoying Things Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings!

Agla Number Tumhara or You Are Next!

The three dreadful words for women at every wedding! Single women often face this A LOT and its sometimes annoyingly presumptuous. But who actually understands that?

9. You’re Too Independent For A Husband

Humari Sun Leti Toh Ab Tak Shaadi Ho Chuki Hoti. Itna Kya Career-Career Karna Hai?

If you had listened to us, you would have been married by now! Women who are assertive or have successful careers may face criticism for being “too independent,” as if it’s a negative trait in a potential partner.

10. We Have A Perfect Prospect For You!

10 Annoying Things Women Get To Hear At Indian Weddings!

Ek Bahut Achha Rishta Hai! Ladke Ka Achha Package Hai!

Regardless if you are looking for a ‘rishta’ or not, they just won’t stop coming! Rather than asking you what you are looking for, it all boils down to the “package” that you should focus on. Ugh! We know, it’s just so annoying!

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