Indian weddings are all about fun and you just cannot sneak away from the annoying things uncles do at weddings. It’s literally always a madhouse when you and your cousins get together and have to deal with all the relatives. Right? So, we at ShaadiWish have curated some points and this is exactly what happens with us at Indian weddings.

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Scroll Down Below And Read All The Annoying Things Uncles Do At Weddings –

1. The Famous Drunk Dance

Well, with and without their glasses on their heads and the ultimate dance, the wedding seems incomplete. 

Things Uncles Do At Weddings

2. ‘Do You Even Remember Me’?

No, our dearest uncles, because we only spot you at family events.

relatives at weddings

You can totally relate with these things people say at your wedding.

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3. When They Think They Are Telling Funny Stories About Your Parents

Because truly, sometimes they are actually very boring.

wedding trends

4. The Ultimate Wedding Comparisons

‘Unki Shaadi Mein To Yeh Hua Tha’ 😛

How about these groom wedding memes that every man will relate to.

5. The Inquisitive Uncle

And they will always have the same question, ‘when are you getting married?’

uncles at weddings

6. The One Who Always Has To Criticize Everything

From the decor to the food, they literally have to comment on everything.

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7. The One With The Free Advice 

They think that they have got uber cool advice for you! And most of the time we know how relevant the advice is exactly.

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We know you can totally relate with us. Though, we have to admit that these are the moments that we crave for too. Without these annoying talks, Indian weddings are literally incomplete and they are truly our source of happiness at weddings.

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