True, life changes once you get married. You get a partner for life who promises to stand by your side in sickness and in health. You vow to cherish this bond as long as you both shall live. While the idea of getting married feels beautiful, there are some people who can break your spirit. They say the most annoying thing that can easily convince a weak-willed person to pack their bags and run towards the South pole.

If you are getting married anytime soon, we are sure that you must have come across some crazy relatives uttering the following annoying things :

1. You Will Have Your Own Home Now

This is the dialogue that every bride-to-be has to hear almost a hundred times a day. Women are often told that their husband’s home is their true place in this world. Her parents’ house where she was born and grew up wasn’t really her home. These people are also incapable of imagining that the bride can actually be strong enough to have a place of her own.

2. Enjoy Your Last Few Days Of Freedom

Some people often equate marriage with bondage. You can kiss goodbye to your freedom once you tie the knot. According to these intelligent people, you will have to do everything together as a couple once you are married. You will not only lose your freedom but your individual identity too. Fun, isn’t it?

3. Don’t Wait Too Long To Start A family

India might be the leading producer of good quality doctors and engineers, sex education is still considered a taboo here. Those who know nothing about it will fill your ears with rubbish. You will often find them advocating that you won’t be able to have a family if you wait for too long or cross that age. They just want you to get married and reproduce because producing babies is why you are doing this.

4. Learn to say ‘Hanji’

This comment is often directed towards the bride. With a pinch of vermillion comes the greatest necessity to obey. You will be a perfect daughter-in-law only when you say ‘yes’ to everything. The word ‘ji’ is to add more respect because your in-laws deserve that and more.

5. No More Night-Outs With Friends

Every groom and bride has to listen to this line countless times from their concerned relatives. Be prepared to listen to this dialogue with more intensity if you dare to step out of your house in front of them. They believe that the man must come home on time to his wife and the woman should be back before her husband to cook food for him and his family. The idea of you hanging out with your friends seems repulsive to these people.

6. Learn To Get Up Early

A married person can neither have night-outs nor a late start of the day. Getting up early is imperative if you don’t want to form a bad impression on your in-laws. Ideally, you should get up on time, take a bath, go to the temple, take blessings from your elders and then eat your breakfast. If you won’t do this, you will never earn the love and respect from your new family.

annoying things

7. Cut Down Your Expenses Because Now You Have To Take Care Of Your Wife As Well

Men are usually asked to save more and spend less because they will have to be responsible for their wife’s need as well. While it is always good to save, doing so to pay for your partner is an ancient concept. It’s 2018 and women are more than capable of earning for themselves. They are strong enough to look after themselves and their family as well.

annoying things

8. Get Ready To Hold Her Shopping Bags

Another age-old concept that some people are still trying to sell to the groom. The job of the wife is to shop and the perfect husband is there to pay the bills and hold her bags. The next time you hear someone saying this, give them a plane ticket to the Neolithic age.

annoying things

9. Are Your Chapatis Round?

Our desi aunties are so obsessed with the concept of round chapatis. They will never understand that round chapati does not guarantee a happy married life. A woman does not need to have excellent culinary skills to prove her worth. If round chapatis are all you need then get a cook!

annoying things

10. Start Being Responsible

Everyone is going to ask you to become more responsible because they assume that you are too immature to handle a married life. No matter whether you are a doctor, a teacher or the CEO of a multinational company, you will always be seen as an irresponsible person because that’s how your relatives feel about you!

annoying things

Neither the groom nor the bride is immune to the kind words of their concerned friends and relatives. The things that are said to them are either funny or borderline crazy. The best way to deal with such comments is to smile and move along. Let these people live in the 70s when marriage could mean the end of the world. Don’t let the noise created by them disturb you in any way. Your married life is going to be exactly the opposite of what these people are saying, that is full of love and happiness.

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