How would you know if he is ‘The One’? This is a very common question that runs through every girl’s mind when she is looking for prospects. You need to ensure that the man you are looking at has everything that you desire. His loving personality may have made you go gaga or made you fall in love with him. But that isn’t the only criteria to know if he is ‘The One’ that you want to settle down with. While you may be ready to commit, you must be certain that he is ready for the foreseeable future too. If you are already dating someone or aren’t, make sure you look for all these signs to know if you can settle down with him.

Here Are 30 Signs To Look For Before Commitment To Know If He Is ‘The One’:

1. Check On Compatibility

While being attracted to him is important, compatibility is what helps you hold on stronger and longer with each other. Being compatible can mean many things, from having similar taste in things to having good physical and sexual chemistry and even getting along with each other’s friends.

2. He Feels Like Home

One of the biggest sign to look for is if he feels like home. Meaning, if you can be at ease around him, if you are comfortable and happy. Then he is the person you can imagine your future with.

3. He Is Not In It Just For The Sex

If you want to know if he is ‘The One’ then this is one of the signs to look for. While sexual intimacy is important in every relationship, if you both cannot be each other’s companions and are just looking to get something physical from each other, then you should reconsider getting married.

4. There Is Mutual Respect Between You Two

You may love a person but that doesn’t mean respect comes along with it. Every successful relationship is based on mutual love and respect. If the guy you are dating loves you but does not respect you, then this could be one of the red flags.

Is He ‘The One’? 30 Signs Of Commitment To Look For!

5. You Have A Mature Approach Towards Things

Having a mature approach towards things does not necessarily mean agreeing with them on everything or always getting along all the time. It is simply knowing that you two can have different opinions on certain things without it causing conflict in your relationship.

6. You Can Be Yourself With Him

This is the most common and easy way to know if he is ‘The One’ for you. He will think that you are amazing just the way you are. The right man will love your true personality without asking you to change things about yourself. Rather than changing your qualities and attributes, if this man acknowledges and appreciates you for your true self, you should take the next step.

7. He Makes You Feel Safe And Protected

If your guy can make you feel safe and protected, whether it is physically or emotionally, then you can surely go ahead and commit. If you can picture a happy daily life with this man, even in stressful situations, then he could be the one for you.

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8. He Has Introduced You To His Family

Well, introducing to the family is one of the most important steps in the relation. So remember that a man who is serious about you will ensure that his entire family knows about the love of his life.

9. He Makes You Feel Comfortable And Loves You For Who You Are

Be it about your insecurities or about how you were in your past, if your guy loves you no matter what, then that is the biggest sign! If you can tell him everything about yourself, even during the worst situations, without being afraid that he will judge or leave you, then he could be the one. Even after seeing your worst possible sides, if he still makes you feel safe without any insecurities, then he is the one.

10. He Is Kind And Thoughtful Towards You

Love isn’t always enough to keep the relationship going. You need your partner to be kind on the days you are down or feeling low. You also need respect and kindness in the relationship for it to last a long time. One of the important signs to look for to decide whether he is the one is to see how he treats you. It is a green flag if your man treats you with compassion and is thoughtful about your feelings.

11. You See A Similar Future With Each Other

Making sure if you and your partner are on the same page is very important. Make sure you both have a conversation about the future, acknowledge each other’s presence in the future.

12. He Wants Your Happiness

One of the best signs that suggest that he is the one for you is if he simply wants you to be happy.

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13. He Is Always There For You

If he is the one, it doesn’t matter what you need him for or when you need him; he will go out of his way and be there for you. If you need his advice or just need a shoulder to lean on, he will always find a way to be there for you. This is a guy who loves you and is worth marrying.

14. He Can Be The Best Versions Of Both Serious And Fun With You

How do you know that he is the one? The right man will not be afraid to show you his fun and even his vulnerable side. He will be serious during serious moments and show you his silly side to make you laugh during light-hearted moments.

15. He Makes Time For You Even When He Is Busy

Ladies, any man who makes sure to call you or text you even when he is busy is a keeper. Regardless of how busy he is with work or other things, if he still calls you to check on you, what you are doing, or even how your day was, then have no doubt – he is ‘The One’.

16. He Is Your Go-To Person

When he is the one, he will become your go-to person for everything. For the happy-sad moments, or if you have to share a story about work or a funny meme you saw on Instagram. He will be the first person you think of when you want to tell things to someone.

17. He Cares About Your Opinions

Regardless of what topic it is, from politics, work, everyday life, clothes, food to random things – if a man is serious about his feelings for you, he will care about your opinions. He will also include your opinion in his life’s decisions.

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18. He Respects Your Independence And Gives You Space

Is he really the one for you if he does not give you space? A man who respects your independence and understands that you have a life apart from your relationship or that does not involve him is the men you want to marry. It is very necessary to take time off each other and have space to live your life the way you want to, without having a partner who nags about it.

Is He ‘The One’? 30 Signs Of Commitment To Look For!

19. He Makes You Feel Wanted

When your man wants a future with you, he will make sure that you feel loved and wanted. However, this doesn’t mean he showers you with gifts. He needs to make sure he includes you decisions, and involves you with plans, opinions over random and important things.

20. He Communicates With You, Even When You Fight

If there is an argument or disagreement over something, you need to be able to talk things out. When you and your partner can talk things out, share intimate details without having to worry about things getting ugly, then there is a good chance that you both are heading in the right direction.

21. He Listens To Want You Have To Say

When we say he listens, it doesn’t mean just listens. This means he is interested in the conversation. He should be curious about your likes, dislikes, habits and the littlest things about you that you share. Listening could also mean him asking about your day, hearing you rant about work, or just about anything else, for that matter. The right guy will always make it a point to listen and remember what you said.

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22. He Can Understand You Even Without You Having To Speak

You could be in a room full of people, and yet, without saying a word, he understands what you want. If he does, its time to say ‘Yes’!

23. He Supports Your Dreams And Uplifts You

Any guy who makes you feel like you can conquer anything in the world, understands you, cheers you and does right by you is worth marrying. If he supports your dreams, goals and believes in you then he is certainly ‘The One’.

24. He Respects Your Friends And Family

If a guy is genuinely interested in a future with you, he will be respectful to your friends and family. He will treat them respectfully and while maintaining a good relationship with them.

25. He Apologizes When He Is Wrong

When a guy genuinely loves you, he wouldn’t mind putting his ego aside and apologize. A man who accepts his mistakes and apologizes to you during or after an argument, especially when he is wrong, is one you can spend your life with.

26. He Challenges You To Be Better

Partners are also each other’s loudest cheerleaders! So, if he challenges you to be a better person, tells you when you are wrong, he surely wants you to be the best version of yourself. He will provoke your thoughts and stimulate your mind to think differently.

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27. He Remembers Things About You

From what songs you like to the way you like your coffee, your guy will always keep these little details in mind when he is with you. Let’s head back to the listening pointing, shall we?

Is He ‘The One’? 30 Signs Of Commitment To Look For!

28. The Attraction Hasn’t Died

Even after being with this man for a long time, if you still feel attracted to him, physically and emotionally, then you are with the right person. Attraction to a person can often fade with time, thereby causing distance. But, with time, if you both are still attracted and interested in each other and are putting effort into making the relationship exciting, then you are on the right path.

29. He Is Your Friend First

Having you man as your best friend is the best thing ever! Building a relation on the foundation of friendship is very important as it gives you a chance to understand each other better. The perks of having your partner as your best friend is that you can be yourself, and the relationship doesn’t require extra efforts.

30. You Have Good Sexual Chemistry

Having good sexual chemistry with your partner is very important in a relationship. if you feel that chemistry, that spark and attraction, then it is good to proceed. As you are to spend a lifetime with this person, you must have all that chemistry, intimacy, and spark to keep going.

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