Arranged marriage couples, this one is for you! Always wondered that even if you meet  ‘the one’ through an arranged meeting, how will you know more about each other? Breaking the ice with a stranger can be tricky that too when you are planning to get your pre wedding shoot done soon after you say “yes” to each other’s families. 

So, we asked the professional and creative minds behind the camera who apart from capturing those romantic and fun moments, deal with those awkward silences, nervousness and hesitation that arranged marriage couples undergo.

Studio Bir shares a tip that will help arranged marriage couples handle all the awkward silences with elan!

The photographer says that in an arranged marriage scenario, the sudden life-altering changes may be overbearing and hence it is important to have a fun and relaxing ice-breaking routine of a pre-wedding shoot. They at Studio BIR have a keen eye for such details and hence they trod the path of genuine and understanding way of working with arranged marriage couples.

According to the photographer, it is important for the couple to participate in the process of choosing a location and theme where they feel comfortable in their own skin. 

arranged marriage couples, prewedding shoot

pre wedding shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas For Arranged Couples By ShaadiWish

1. The One At An Amusement Park!

It is surely one of the best ice-breaker tips for arranged couples to feel a lot like themselves and be comfortable with each other reliving their childhood memories together.

P.S. you will automatically cling on to his arm on that roller coaster!

arranged marriage couples, pre wedding shoot

Image Source: Canonboy Productions

2. A Pre Wedding Shoot While You Two Cook!

To the times when you can actually play around in the kitchen, which is otherwise just a mere dream. So, why not make your dream come true with this fun pre-wedding shoot in the kitchen! And often, there’s a chance of that Bollywood style romance to peep in between the two of you. 

prewedding shoot

Image Source: Studio Fotoking

You can also try some fun questions for newlywed couples that will come handy post your wedding.

3. A Playful Pre Wedding Shoot

No games can be played without having those little fights and which is a beautiful start to the lifetime of friendship. So, why just pose for photographs, when you can actually capture those real emotions with this pre-wedding shoot!

arranged marriage couple

Image Source: Shutter Down Photography

couple fun

Image Source: Plush Affairs

We hope this will help you guys break the ice perfectly at your pre wedding shoot!

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