Pre-wedding shoots are a trend that has caught up like wildfire. Every couple wishes to get the most magical moments from their courtship period captured in the best possible way. This is exactly why, ShaadiWish brings you the best photographers that you must check out who are certainly the best ones in business. From theme-oriented to a romantic destination pre-wedding shoot, these best photographers will give you all that you wish for.

Book These Best Photographers To Get The Most Amazing Pre-Wedding Shoot Pictures:

Manish Photography For That Magical Pre-Wedding Shoot Experience

Based in Delhi, Manish Photography’s owner Manish Yadav started his journey in 2015. He ensures that every click captures the perfect moment that the couple can cherish for the rest of their lives. With various themes and ideas, he ensures that every pre-wedding shoot is unique and one-of-a-kind. The team believes that bonds are beautiful, and it is more beautiful to capture them in real-life settings and the pictures reflect exactly the same!

Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot

Head to Manish Photography’s social media handle to check the latest work!

KnotsbyAMP For Their Stunning Couple Portraits

Trust KnotsbyAMP with your pre-wedding shoot for modern contemporary couple shoot with aesthetic style of photos and films. Founded in 2014, KnotsbyAMP is highly known for their candid photography and films. Based in Mumbai, the team has over 8 years of experience with 400+ weddings under their belt ranging from celebrity, intimate, destination and international weddings, KnotsbyAMP strives to be on the top of the wish-list of every couple.

They have a unique way of documenting photographs that has a blend of every element like fashion, fine art and storytelling. They provide the best quality of work and ensure that the couple gets every picture that is framing-worthy! No matter what is the destination, when you on-board KnotsbyAMP, they will always excel in capturing your and your partner’s story, and you are guaranteed to have great photos and films. The team has traveled to Kenya, Dubai, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh to cover weddings.

Special Mention: KnotsbyAMP is also ranked as one of the top wedding photographers in the country by Hello & Travel + Leisure magazines.

Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot

Check out their latest work on their website or their social media handle.

Camera Crew For Dreamy Pre-Wedding Shoot Pictures

Camera Crew is a highly talented team of professional photographers and cinematographers traversing across the globe who have covered over 500+ weddings. Founded in 2010 by Soniya Dembla, the Camera Crew specializes in capturing all the tiniest amazing moments that you want to hold onto for life! Even though based in Mumbai, the Camera Crew team is open to travel to various destinations across India in order to give you some iconic pre-wedding shoot experience. You can expect the team to go beyond the norms of usual photography and give you pictures that tell your and your partner’s story. 

With 12 years of experience, the team ensures that they capture every special moment that you and your partner share. The pictures they click will forever hold the emotions and warmth from your courtship period for you to cherish them for years to come. If you scroll through their photographs, you will see how beautifully they capture each moment. 

Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot

Price: Their pre-wedding shoot package starts from INR 80,000. 

Special Discount For ShaadiWish Readers And Couples: The Camera Crew is offering a special discount by reducing their charges to just INR 70,000 for their pre-wedding package! Just try coupon ‘SHAADIWISH’! Isn’t that amazing?

Check out their website and their social media handle to scroll through the amazing pictures.

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Eternity Square Photography Are The Best Photographers To Capture Candid Moments

Started in 2016, Eternity Square Photography is based in Kolkata. To take a breathing space from his corporate life, founder Mainak Guha started Eternity Square Photography as a hobby from his small living room. What started from self-training and covering freelance projects, Eternity Square Photography now has a professionally equipped strong team covering multiple projects across India. Highly preferred for their candid photography and films with documentation of events, Eternity Square Photography is marking their name prominently in the business.

With 6 years of experience, Eternity Square Photography gives you an excellent picture collection that isn’t going to disappoint you. They love capturing images that portray love and are full of life. This is why candid photography is their strongest suit. The entire team at Eternity Square Photography has a friendly approach and are timely committed to give you nothing but the best.

Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot Best Photographers For Pre-Wedding Shoot

Price: Eternity Square Photography’s pre-wedding photoshoot starts at INR 15,000 onwards. If you want a pre-wedding photoshoot along with a fabulous video, then the packages are from INR 30,000 onwards. Also, their wedding packages for a single day start from INR 50,000 onwards.

Special Discount For ShaadiWish Readers And Couples: Eternity Square Photography is kind enough to give all the ShaadiWish couples who are tying the knot a 10% discount! Now, isn’t that just amazing? Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Check out Eternity Square Photography’s social media handle to scroll through their amazing work.

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