An arranged marriage is just a ‘set-up’ initiated by parents to introduce their children to each other and see if they make a perfect match for marriage. Undoubtedly, it is a sure-shot way of finding the prospective life partner if you haven’t quite really succeeded in finding your companion on your own. 

Generally, the search for finding the ‘perfect rishta’ for a girl starts when she hits 24 and for boys when they hit 27. Out of nowhere, a tension spirit enters the lifestyle of Indian parents that its high time that they should find a good match for their boy or girl. Suddenly from ‘do not talk to strangers’, Indian parents convince you ‘get married to a stranger’ very soon. Every time they are in a social gathering or on a call, they will ask for suitable rishtas for you. Well, we can’t blame them, after all, aren’t we kinda finding a match over Tinder or other dating apps too? (pun intended) So, why not try and survive arranged marriage meetings?

While you have no control over rishta meetings, you can always take help from this arranged marriage guide to survive your rishta meetings:

1) Prepare yourself for arranged marriage

This seems very easy, but it’s very difficult to calm yourself when your portfolio is floating all around. Your relatives and friends would be suggesting rishtas and would be asking for your photos, but you need to keep your calm and prepare yourself.

arranged marriage tips

2) Make a wise decision

We understand not everyone is in favor of arranged marriage, but you should always give it a thought if your parents like him/her. You can meet, or talk to them once or twice before rejecting him/her. Fair enough, right?

3) Get ready for rishta meetings

This is the most difficult of all tasks in an arranged marriage. Getting ready to meet a stranger. But we will help you with tips for your first rishta meeting:

  • Go well dressed and well prepared for the first meet: A parlor/salon session before the meeting won’t hurt. You would generally do it if you went out with your friends. So, get ready and be confident for your first rishta meeting.

arranged marriage guide

  • A comfortable environment is important to continue the conversation: Gone are the days when the rishta meeting was done at girl’s place. Now the families generally meet in a restaurant or a hotel. And, when you both are sitting on a different table, make sure you give each other a positive smile as you both are nervous.

first rishta meeting

  • Begin the conversation with stock questions: Question them about their hobbies, about their family and job. But, asking directly about their salary would not be the right thing to ask. Go slow and try to create interesting conversations. Remember it is not a job interview. 
  • Use your observation skills: Don’t make it obvious! You have to keep your observation low profile, where you observe their body language while they talk. Try not to make them nervous by your looks. If you find them uncomfortable answering a certain question, try to change the topic. 

rishta meetings

  • Know about their understanding of marriage: Ask them about their thoughts on marriage. What have they planned, ask them if they really thinking of getting married or if they have been forced to meet you? 
  • No Cheesy Compliments: Hey Guys, take a cue! Girls like genuine compliments so don’t go all cheesy in the first meeting. You might end up spoiling the mood.

arranged marriage guide

  • Know your boundaries: It is a casual meeting, but you guys are strangers to each other. Make sure your presence is not making the other person uncomfortable. It is important to know your actions while you are sitting together. 

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4) Take notes

So, once you are done with the meeting and everything. Make sure you have everything in your mind which will help you make the right decision. And, if you are content and want to take it forward, you can ask them about the next meeting.

first meet tips

Hope this arranged marriage guide and rishta meetings tips help you survive your meetings. Do let us know if it helped.

**Disclaimer: Everything written in the introduction is pure sarcasm and has no aim to hurt anyone’s feelings or culture.

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