The mother of the groom, a.k.a the Sasu Maa, is the most misunderstood character. According to the television, she is either the strict ruler of the house who isn’t ready to cut the umbilical cord or an epitome of sacrifice who can do anything for the happiness of her child and his wife. Trust us, she is neither. Today, mothers-in-law are very different. They are not monsters-in-law anymore. They welcome their daughter-in-law with open arms. However, this does not mean that there aren’t a ton of things that play on a loop in her mind. 

Let’s  check Things That Go In The Mind Of A Groom’s Mother:

1. The First Impression

It is a natural human instinct to be a little conscious when you are about to meet someone for the first time. The mother of the groom is no different. She dresses in her finest saree and gives herself a good lecture on how to be polite. She feels both excited and nervous at this point. She just wants to make sure that her first impression is not of a typical mother-in-law.

2. The Careful Assessment

The moment she meets the girl, she starts making mental notes. She will look at her from all the angles as she wants someone perfect for her son. Let us clear the air, it is not because she thinks that her son is perfect (or maybe she does) but because she wants cute grandkids. Her maths is simple; perfect daughter-in-law equals to perfect grandkids.

3. The Checklist

Once she is done looking at the bride, her assessment will begin. She might ask her about her cooking skills and all the other clichéd things but in reality, she is wondering if she will be a typical daughter-in-law or not. If the answer is yes, she might not be very happy because, in this age, no mother-in-law is looking for a daily soap housewife daughter-in-law.

4. The Kitty Trouble

Every mother-in-law is in search of that perfect daughter-in-law who fits into her kitty group like a piece of a puzzle. She wants to proudly present her new daughter to her kitty friends. She somehow feels that you have added to her status and made her the alpha of the group.

5. Why Is She Being So Sweet?

Girl, your would-be-mother-in-law is almost twice your age. She knows when you are faking it. All those smiles and gentle nods cannot fool her. The mother-in-law knows that this is not who you are. She might not say this out loud but she is questioning your ulterior motives. Also, she is thinking how long she can deal with all this sweetness.

mother of the groom

6. What Kind Of A Relationship Will We Have?

The mother of the groom often wonders what kind of a relationship she will have with the bride. Would it be of a mother and her daughter or of friends? Would they be just two people living under the same roof or would they become bitter enemies? She constantly worries about the outcome.

7. She Should Impress Me

Well, she is not that different after all. She is the mother of the den and she needs to be impressed. She is looking for some genuine praise. Also, she needs confirmation that no matter what, she will be the one in control of the house. She wants to keep everyone happy, including you, but she does not wish to share the power.

Groom’s Mother

8. I Am Expecting Good Gifts

She has got the best jewelry and clothes for her daughter-in-law. She is ready to pamper and spoil the new member of her family. While she will not let the word slip, she is secretly hoping that you will bring some good gifts for her too. She is not being materialistic as according to her this is a way of expressing love and respect. This is why she too has got a lot of things for her daughter-in-law.

Groom’s Mother

9. I Will Try Not To Steal The Spotlight

One thing that the mother of the groom is sure of is that she is the best. She has got the best dress for the wedding of her son, the best jewelry and has booked the best salon. She is sure that she is going to look so gorgeous that she might actually steal the spotlight from the bride. So, just for her daughter-in-law, she tries to not look too good.

Groom’s Mother

The mother of the groom is just like any other lady (or maybe not). Her son’s wedding is the day that she has been waiting for such a long time. She has some expectations from her daughter-in-law along with a lot of love. She is looking for a friend with whom she can go shopping, have a good time and do some gossip. She wants a daughter-in-law who will not make her feel insecure. The mother of the groom is a very interesting character.

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