We’re aware that many people find it difficult to differentiate between dating and relationships. And it’s okay because not many people understand the concept of dating. While dating is quite common in western countries, the concept of dating is still new to Indians. But with the digital age and dating apps, people have started accepting and understanding the idea of dating. And we’ll help you breakdown the differences between dating vs relationships. Because it’s an important thing to know if you’re invested in someone and need to know where the relationship is headed.

Find Out What Is Dating Vs Relationships With These Key Differences-

1. Know Where You Are

Firstly, you need to be clear whether you both are casually dating or are you two exclusive. What that means is that if you’re both dating each other casually, you’re open to the idea of finding someone else in the process as well. In that case, if one of you loses interest in the other you just move on to the next one. But if you two have established that you’re dating one another exclusively, then it means that you’re investing all your time and attention in each other. This hints that you two would like to get to know more about the other and take things seriously.

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2. Making Time For Each Other

If your partner or ‘date’, tends to cancel on your plans or doesn’t make an effort to see you and spend time with you, then it’s probably a dating phase. This shows that he/she isn’t ready to commit yet. Because giving your time to someone is the most precious thing you can offer in a relationship. On the other hand, if you two constantly make plans and excuses to see/meet one another, that means you’re both pretty serious and are not just ‘casually dating’ anymore. 

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3. Ease And Comfort

The dating period is all about wooing and impressing your partner. But if you two have known each other long enough, you both are in a comfortable zone. It doesn’t mean that you don’t impress each other anymore, it just means that you don’t have any insecurities. The initial dating stage is very bleak, where you don’t want the other to lose interest in you. Whereas in a relationship, you know that your partner is committed to you and you don’t need to keep your guard up all the time.

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4. Sense Of Reliability

Couples in a dating stage do not want to bother their partners with their problems because they’re afraid that it would scare them away. But when you’re in a mature relationship, you’re not afraid to tell them about your problems or even ask for help. The sense of reliability and faith kicks in. While dating, you try to keep things to yourself, either for being shy or for the lack of comfort level. 

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5. Friends And Family 

This is the most important and obvious way to understand where you stand with your partner. If they have introduced you to their close friends and family members, this is more than dating. But if they are not yet open to the idea of getting to know your family or friends, it’s clear that they’re still dating you. However, some people take their time to open up, so don’t be disheartened, just be patient.

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6. Future Plans

Quite clearly, if you two tend to plan for the future together, it is a serious relationship. People don’t usually discuss their plans with each other when they’re dating. Pay attention to whether your partner mentions you while talking about their future. Or do they involve you while making a crucial decision? All these are visible signs that they value you and your opinion.

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So, folks, we hope we were able to help you get clarity between the dating vs relationships debate. And we wish you and your partner a happy ending.

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