Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not always the guys who are the first ones to take a step. There have been many instances where the girl is the first one to pop the question or propose to her man. And we love a modern tale like that. If you’re someone who’s been wanting to take a leap and propose to your boyfriend, but don’t know what to do, then fret not. We’ve got you covered, ladies, with an easy guide on how to propose to a guy and sweep him right off his feet.

But first, we’d like you to consider one thing. Proposing your partner to marry you is a huge step and it shouldn’t be forceful or hasty. So, make sure you and your partner are ready to take things forward. Have a conversation with him about his views on marriage, or whether he wants to get married soon or not. After all, it’s a mutual bond and both of you need to be ready. So, are you ready to make your man the luckiest guy in the world? Read this how-to propose to a guy guide and go get him!

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Put On Your Seatbelts, Ladies, Well Be Guiding You On How To Propose To A Guy

1. The Old School Romantic Dinner Date

Okay, hear us out before you think that it’s an old trick/technique. While it is true that asking your partner to marry you on a romantic dinner date is quite an old trick, you can’t deny its magic. After all, there are so many success stories that follow through. Plan a romantic date night at your boyfriend’s favorite restaurant. And if your man is an old-school lover, who believes in the classical idea of love, then this is the perfect way to honor his way of love. Just slip in the ring in his dessert or surprise him out of the blue with a ring in your hand. (We can’t hold back our tears, already!)

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2. Plan An Adventurous Trip

If your boyfriend is someone who loves adventure and going on trips, then we’ve got good news. The best possible way for your man to be bamboozled by your proposal would be to ask him to be your trip buddy for life at a beautiful location where you both are alone. We’re sure he would be taken by surprise and wouldn’t be able to say no. 

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3. An Intimate Dinner Date

So, we all know that not everyone is a fan of PDA, and if your man is one of those people, then a romantic dinner date at a restaurant is out of the question. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic dinner at home. If there’s anything a pandemic has taught us, it’s being atmanirbhar. Put your cooking skills to the test or just order in yours and his favorite cuisines. And you can open your heart out to him in the coziness of your homes. It will show him your love as well as your concern and consideration for planning it all in an intimate setting. Now, how can you say no to that?

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4. Get Poetic

If you’re not good with words and don’t want your lack of expertise to spoil the proposal, then hear us out. If you’ve got a boyfriend who loves books, literature, and/or ghazals, then let those intellectuals speak for you. Choose the perfect poem, movie line, ghazal, song, etc. whatever captures your feelings for him and read it out to him. This will definitely get him to jump and scream ‘yes’.

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5. Indulge In His Favorite Activity

Another great way to show that you’re here for him through thick and thin is to start taking interest in his interests. No matter how annoying or boring they may be for you, you’ve to show him that you’d tolerate it all, only for him. Whether it’s watching a match when his favorite team is playing or listening to his favorite artists. Plan a day where he gets to choose all the activities of the day, and then surprise him with a sweet proposal. (We can imagine how cute that’s going to be.)

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6. Make It Full Circle

Lastly, if you’re both a romantic bunch, then you should start this new journey where it all began. Take him to the spot where you both met for the first time, whether it’s a cafe, a movie theater, a bus stop. No matter what the place is, it’s the sentiment behind it that matters the most. Spend your day like it was your first date and at the end when you both said bye to each other, you end up proposing to him.

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Ladies, we hope this guide on how to propose to a guy helped you or inspired you in some ways to woo your man. And we wish you all the best for anyone who takes the leap of faith and ends up surprising his man. Go win him over! And do not forget to share your lovely proposal stories with us at

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