After this tiresome lockdown, you need to spend your precious time with your BAE in the most special way. Add that spark to your relationship with these fun date night ideas

Calling out to all the cool couples out there, here are some great fun date night ideas that you can plan for a great time together 

Take notes from these cool and fun date night ideas and plan a memorable evening/day for you and your partner- 

1. Go Grocery Shopping

If you haven’t had your partner push you around a grocery store in a shopping cart like a baby, we say you do it ASAP. What better way to spend some time with your bae while shopping for your hunger cravings and doing all the wacky things you only dreamt of. 

Grocery Shopping with partner

2. Cook A New Recipe Together

You can use the supplies that you bought from the grocery store and create a totally new recipe that you guys might not have ever tried. The results may be mildly frustrating or Michelin star winning, but it’s actually the process that matters. 

fun date night ideas

3. Binge Watch A Series

Yes, go ahead pick a series that neither one of you has watched and binge watch it with lots of junk food and without any breaks. You can do a movie marathon of the Star Wars series too, oh so perfect, wouldn’t it be?

date night ideas

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4. Go Bowling

It’s such a 90s date night idea but it’s definitely still a lot of fun. You could show off your expertise at bowling or get called cute for missing the pins each time, we’re sure you both will have a great time either way.

fun date ideas

5. Take A Long Relaxing Bath Together

Set up a romantic mood with some wine and fragrant candles around your bathtub and jump into the cozy warmth of your tub and your partner and wash away your worries with a long relaxing bath together. 

romantic date ideas

6. Do A Photoshoot 

Execute a fun and creative couple photoshoot at home or even go out for a photo walk. Not only will you have an amazing time planning the shoot together but the products of the shoot can also be used to freshen up your Instagram feed.

best date ideas

Plan a fun pre-wedding photoshoot at home during this pandemic right here!

7. Play Video Games As A Team Or Opponents

Grab your controllers and play video games as a team and later on switch roles and play as competitors. This activity will help you bond on a greater level and of course some trash talk will free you up from all of the week’s stress.

couple date ideas

8. Try Tie-Dying Some Clothes

Tie-dying probably was the most sought after indoor activity during the whole quarantine season and we say together you should definitely give it a try as well. Grab a pair of plain old sweats and a tie-dye kit and go crazy with your creativity.

unique date ideas

9. Have Fun At Go-Karting

Go-karting can never not be fun, especially when you’re doing your laps with your bae. If you and your partner are a fan of adventure sports then you’re gonna love go-karting together. But we shall warn you, you might even get addicted to it.

couple date inspiration ideas

10. Set-up An In-House Karaoke Session

Why go out to some random bar or karaoke club when you can have just as much fun at your in-house karaoke session? Yes, go ahead buy a mic and maybe switch on the colorful led lights with some beer and you shall be set for a crazy and fun evening together. 

couple date

11. Play Twister

A date night list can’t be complete without the mention of twister. Twister is that one game that was used to set the romantic mood for so many of our favorite on-screen couples in various movies, and we think it would work wonders for you two too. So go on grab the game and play or flirt, whatever rows your boat. 

couple date night

12. Catch Up On A Game Night Together

Dig out your favourite team’s jersey from the closet, paint each other’s face, and sit back and root for your team together on a game night with lots of pizzas and coke. Sharing the nail-biting thrill of the last few minutes of the game, and your moments of vulnerability when your team is losing will make you fall for each other even harder for sure. 

funny date night ideas

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So, we hope our list of unique date ideas will help you sort your plans with your BAE and you will surely be having a gala time. 

All Image Sources: Pinterest

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