With Valentine’s day around the corners, you would obviously be looking for some unique date ideas to spend quality time with your BAE. And, while dinner dates are too mainstream, we thought of sharing some OTB date ideas for Valentine’s day 2020 which can be way too fun.

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So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the cliche roses, chocolates and candlelight dinners and instead plan a memorable day out with your partner doing things you didn’t know can be more interesting than just an expensive cafe date!

Check out these unique date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020.

1. Go Out For A Comedy Show

The couple that laughs together, stays together! Buy tickets for a stand-up comedy show and enjoy an evening full of laughter. (After all, laughter is the best medicine and will surely make your relationship stronger than ever!)

2. Book Tickets To Drive-in Cinema

Well, how about going on a long drive followed by an open-air cinema setting? Well, sounds like a plan? Such unique date ideas will give an interesting twist to your usual movie dates giving you ample scope to cuddle together!

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unique date ideas3. A Game Night Together

Why go out and have fun when you can have it all at home? Put on your pajamas, grab some snacks, wine, and play your favorite board/video games together.

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4. Go Out For A Karaoke Night

No matter how bad you may sing, its the only public place where nobody will judge you. Plus, with your BAE by your side, you can always go crazy and have the moments of a lifetime!

unique date ideas5. A Dance Night

Visit a ballroom dance class, go to a Salsa club or probably a bar with live singing sessions taking place and enjoy dancing with your BAE. 

couple dancing

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P.S. If you are too lazy to go out, just dim the lights, put on a romantic track and get grooving already!

6. A Relaxing Spa Day

Take a day off and spend a relaxing day with your partner at a nearby SPA centre. Else, fill your bathtub with essential oils, line it with candles, and take a romantic bath together. You can also give each other a massage. Such unique date nights will not only help you de-stress but will also give you some quality time with your BAE!

couple spa7. Netflix And Chill

Well, forget all other unique date ideas because this one is the best of all. Grab your favourite food and spend a day watching the classic romcoms together.

netflix and chill

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8. Plan Camping Together

For all the adventurous couples out there, plan a one-day camping trip together. After all, there’s nothing better than laying under the stars with your BAE by your side!

unique date ideas9. A Short Getaway Trip

Book a romantic stay away from your city with access to activities and amenities you wouldn’t otherwise have at home, like, say, a fireplace and a swimming pool.

10. Cook And Bake Together

Yes, don’t order your favourite dish. Instead, cook one together at home which will help improve your teamwork skills along with sharing household chores.

unique date ideas

Image Source: Saurabh Rungta Photography

So, we hope our list of unique date ideas will help you sort your plans for this Valentine’s day. 

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