Netflix dropped their latest and final season of Crown and we are back in the era where Princess Diana’s fashion left everyone awestruck! Actress Elizabeth Debicki is playing the role of Princess Diana in season 6 of Crown by Netflix. Princess Diana was known for her style with which she broke multiple glass ceilings. Also, as one of the most photographed women of her time, the world got a front seat in watching Princess Diana’s style evolution. From her stylish dresses to her leisure outfits and her ‘revenge’ dress, everything about Lady Diana was ogled by everyone.

Here Are Some Iconic Fashion Moments Of Princess Diana That We Wish To See In Netflix’s Crown Season 6:

1. Princess Diana Ditched Gloves And Skipped Hats

Wearing gloves and hats had been a longstanding tradition for the royals. Gloves and hats have always been an essential part of the royal wardrobe of women and are required to wear them for basically every formal occasion. Actually, the reason behind wearing gloves according to the Royals is to avoid germs. However, this was until Princess Diana arrived on the scene. She ditched the gloves because she liked to make contact with people while meeting them. Moreover, when it came to hats, Princess Diana never cared for it. When asked why she quit wearing hats, she told the press, “You can’t cuddle a child in a hat.”

2. Princess Diana Sported Low-Cut Necklines & Shorter Hemlines

Princess Diana wasn’t one to stay away from dresses that showed a little cleavage or her legs. She did not shy away as her fashion evolved over years. And this is not something that any royal women ever did. Also, one of the first royal dressing breaches people noticed about her was not wearing knee-length skirts and dresses, or ones with one shoulder or off-shoulder. which is considered appropriate for royal women.

Also, to avoid fashion faux-pas, she even came up with clutches called “cleavage bags,” because the Princess used them to cover up her chest while getting out of the car in low-cut dress.

3. Iconic Elvis Dress Was One Of Princess Diana’s Controversial Fashion Moments

In 1989, Princess Diana wore a white silk strapless dress and matching bolero jacket encrusted with pearls. This outfit was so controversial that it was referred to as the ‘Elvis Dress.’ In fact, this dress was later sold by Diana months before her tragic death in a charity auction held at Christie’s that raised over 3 million pounds for AIDS and cancer charities. 

4. Princess Diana & The Baba Black Sheep Sweater

This was yet another iconic fashion moment where Princess Diana wore a sweater that caught everyone’s attention. This Diana famed “black sheep” sweater by Warm & Wonderful was a statement-making pick that she initially wore in 1981 to a polo match before her marriage to Charles. And, based on an interview she did with the BBC in 1995, Diana wanted to send out a message through this sweater; she always saw herself as an outsider in the royal family.

5. Iconic Princess Diana Fashion Statement: The Revenge Dress

We cannot mention Diana’s fashion and not bring up the revenge dress. In June 1994, Diana stepped out for a gala at the Serpentine Gallery in London wearing a fitted, black, off-the-shoulder dress with an asymmetrical hemline and chiffon train that flowed in the wind. Also, the dress looked incredible, and she wore it the same evening when Prince Charles admitted to having an affair. Consider it her “I don’t give a damn” dress.

'Crown’ Season 6 Reminds Us Of These Iconic Fashion Moments By Princess Diana!

6. Powerful Pantsuits That Lady Diana Dazzled In

Princess Diana chose clothes that looked as empowering as she was.  She was the first member of the British royal family to be photographed wearing pants to an evening function. And, she had no idea at the time, but she was setting a precedent for future royals, including Meghan Markle, who also wore a suit to her first evening engagement.

7. Princess Diana And Her Statement-Making Off-Shoulder Dresses

Royal women did not go for off-shoulder dresses, but Princess Diana was different in every way possible. She carried such dresses with self-confidence and always managed to look elegant. While she wore many dresses which bared her shoulders and was unbothered by gauging eyeballs.

'Crown’ Season 6 Reminds Us Of These Iconic Fashion Moments By Princess Diana!

8. Diana Wore Athleisure Casual Clothes Before It Became A Fashion

Princess Diana was mandated to wear long skirts and blouses for formal events, no matter what. So, she often chose casual outfits when she could. She was often seen in cycling shorts and sweatshirts while running errands or even a laid back t-shirt and shorts once in a while. All of which was not a very common sight at the Royal household. This became a more common sight once she was divorced. It was one of the ways to show that she was just a common woman, and her association with the royal family had ended.

 9. Lady Diana Often Raised Eyebrows By Donning A Bikini

Royals are always required to dress a certain way as they represent the family wherever they go. But Princess Diana often wore bikinis during her vacations. The paparazzi often hounded her and royal-watchers criticized her for it. But Lady Diana couldn’t be made to do something she didn’t herself want to.

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