While we see almost every third person around us falling in love and finding their soulmate on their own, there still are a few who leave this tedious task to their parents. But girls, if you thought your life is sorted as your parents are going to do their research right and find your dream man for you, you might be mistaken here! Confused? Well, you will understand this only after you will meet a few of the probable grooms shortlisted for you by your parents. The purpose here is not to discourage you, but lady, there’s no harm in being a bit realistic and not keeping the hopes so high, right? Still confused? Well, then check out the 10 types of guys you are most likely to come across in an arranged marriage meeting and then you will know what we mean!

1. The High In Demand IIT + IIM Grad

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This man spent his entire life working his tail off to get through the most prestigious colleges of the country and why? Well, just to make sure he ends up with a heavy paycheque and a ‘sundar susheel’ wife. While he is going to be your parents’ first choice, don’t be disappointed if his talks turn you off because he has had almost zero interaction with girls his entire life!

2. Mr. Self-Obsessed

Shahid Kapoor, Arranged Marriage, Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage
Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but this guy is so much in love with himself already that there are very slim chances of him developing any feelings for you (frankly speaking, you should be thanking your stars for that)! And if you meet him at a restaurant or a café, he’d make sure that he’s seated in front of a mirror so that he can constantly check himself out. So girl, brace yourself as you have a lot to hear about this guy’s awesomeness from the guy himself!

3. The Mama’s Boy

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Jaya Bachchan, Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham
Before we say anything about this one, let us tell you that there’s nothing wrong in being an obedient son to your mom. But this one’s a step (read: way too many steps) ahead of that! His world begins with and ends at only one person, and he can’t even take a small step without getting that person’s approval. Wondering why he is getting married at all when his “mommy dearest” is and will always remain the most important woman of his life? Obviously, because his mumma said so! So are you ready for babysitting?

4. Sherlock Holmes

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage
As soon as his parents told him that he was supposed to meet you, he stalked you on every possible social media platform right from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter. And before your meeting actually takes place, he will know everything (yes literally everything) about you. Don’t think we mean just your likes or dislikes when we say “everything”, he’d even know your BFF’s pet’s name. Need we say more about this one?

5. Mr. Intellectual

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Aamir Khan
Correction, it’s Mr. Pseudo Intellectual to be honest! This highly annoying, I-know-it-all man will be prepared to speak continuously on at least four to five topics on your first meeting. Actually, he researched on those intellectual topics and mugged up all he could just a night before meeting you, and now he won’t let you go before flaunting his profound knowledge. So gear up for at least a three-hour long boring lecture!

6. The “Show Off”

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Ranvir Singh
Yes, you guessed it absolutely right! From head to toe and inside out, this guy is an ostentatious display of brands that are supposed to tell you how rich he is. Not to miss his swanky car and cool phone! Expect most of your conversation to be about how he spent his last long weekend at the most exotic foreign location or how much he loves shopping in the Oxford Street or in the Times Square.

7. The Wannabe Mr. Funnybones

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Ranvir Singh
This man seems to have taken the common expectation of girls (of their partner having a good sense of humour) quite seriously. So even though he was born with no humorous skills (in reality, he hasn’t developed any so far), he will try his level best to make you laugh… sadly with his lame jokes! Well, if his good looks are good enough to compensate for this superb sense of humour, we suggest there’s no harm in faking a laugh at those PJs! What say?

8. The NRI Munda

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Shah Rukh Khan
Here comes a ‘phoren-return’ probable groom for you who’s loaded with an accent that might end up piercing your eardrums. Yes, his desi name has been condensed by now to create a really cool one and he pronounces ‘z’ as ‘zee’! Mind you, he’s got a swagger that is too cool to be true and also too hot (err) to handle! So, what are your thoughts on this one?

9. Mr. Six Pack Abs

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Varun Dhawan  
Well, it’s almost impossible not to come across one gym freak in today’s time. And if a chiselled body and well-defined abs is the package you are looking for, you’ve got one here. But mind you, there are pretty high chances that this one’s got his brain placed in biceps and not in his head. He might know all about the best proteins to take and the right diet to follow, but you are very unlikely to hear anything apart from that from him.

10. Mr. ‘Too Good To Be True’

Types Of Guys In Arranged Marriage, Siddharth Malhotra
Well, this is one of the rarest species of men to be found in an arranged marriage meeting! He’s hot, he’s well-mannered, he’s well-spoken and as your parents say, well-settled too! And if you are wondering how come such a perfect guy is still single and going the arranged marriage way, stop being so paranoid and grab this hotcake before somebody else snatches it away from you!   
Have you met a few of these types already or have got some more types to add to this list? Then do share your experience in the comments below and spread awareness!  

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