Everyone knows that planning a wedding is not an easy task. And when it comes to specifically planning a multicultural wedding, it can be an even bigger complication. As love knows no boundaries and is beyond all barriers, a wedding needs to celebrate just that. The recent multicultural weddings of the star couples, DeepVeer and NickYanka, have put a lot of limelight on the peculiar issues faced while planning a multicultural wedding.  

While planning a multicultural wedding, you have to find the perfect harmony of the difference in cultures and backgrounds, and honour and celebrate the diversity. It is a wonderful experience when you have a partner who belongs to a different community or culture. You are exposed to many new and beautiful things which broaden your perspective.

When it comes to weddings, everyone wants to follow traditions according to their cultures. As equal partners in a relationship, it is important that both cultures are equally appreciated. However, couples from different and diverse backgrounds may face unique challenges when putting together a multicultural wedding. How to incorporate the most important rituals of each, make everyone happy and make things work smoothly can be a bit difficult.

Follow these tips from experts before you start planning a multicultural wedding:

1. Do The Research

The first thing that you need to do before you execute any plan is to do the research work. Yes, you have embraced each other’s cultures but there must be a lot of things that you still don’t know. Let your families sit together and discuss what all traditions you will be incorporating from both sides. Write it down so that you do not end up missing anything crucial and regret later on. You can also make a list of those things that you can let go. Since this wedding will be an amalgamation of two different cultures, be selective and incorporate the wedding traditions which are a must in both the cultures.

multicultural wedding

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2. Who Will Officiate The Wedding?

One of the most important things that you need at a wedding is a person who can officiate it. Whether you are having a Hindu wedding or a Christian wedding, you will need someone to perform the ceremony. When you are coming from different faiths, you need to think twice on this matter. You can either have one person who can perform the wedding of both faiths or you can have two officials to perform the ceremony side by side.

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multicultural wedding

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3. Hire A Wedding Planner With Experience

You already did research on your end but this is not it. You will surely need the help of an experienced wedding planner who has already planned thousands of weddings according to different traditions. He/she will be the best person to plan the wedding in a cost-effective manner according to your needs.

multicultural wedding

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4. A Multicultural Menu

The best thing about a multicultural wedding is that you can play around with the menu. You can have a fusion menu to celebrate both cultures and your guests will love you for that. Include the specialties from both the sides and create your own personalized wedding menu.

multicultural wedding

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5. Your Dresses Are Important

Every culture has a special wedding attire and it should be respected. Since you two come from different cultures, you have a double duty to honour your roots. You have to find a way in which you can include the traditional wedding dresses of both faiths. Remember how the hottest couples of Bollywood- DeepVeer and NickYanka gave us some major wedding goals as they glammed up in different wedding outfits?!

multicultural wedding

Picture Courtesy: EM Photography

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6. A Way with Words

All languages are beautiful but not everyone speaks the same words. If you and your partner have different native languages then you need some sort of unification to make it easier for your guests to enjoy the wedding. You can get the wedding invitations, menu and vows written or spoken in both the languages.

multicultural wedding

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7. Maintaining Authenticity Through Music

Music binds us all. When it comes to weddings, music and songs play great roles. It would be a great thing if you could include the folk songs of both the cultures into your wedding. If you two speak different languages then you need to hire a DJ who can manage to play multilingual music.

multicultural wedding8. You Can Have Two Ceremonies

If you do not wish to let go of any part of your culture or tradition then the best way to do that is to have two ceremonies. Yes, just like Deepika and Priyanka did! You can get married according to the traditions of both sides on different days or on the same day, the choice is completely yours. However, organizing two ceremonies on the same day will be more cost-efficient.

multicultural wedding

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9. Explain The Wedding Traditions

Getting to know different cultures can be quite interesting. You got to know about your partner’s roots, you can share the same beauty with your guests too. There will be a few ceremonies and rituals that would be new to a lot of people. It would not only be a heartfelt thing to do to explain what is happening to your guests but it will also encourage them to participate in the rituals.

multicultural wedding

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10. Let The Cultures Flow Through The Décor

If you really want to bring out the best of both the cultures then you can do it through your wedding décor. Use every symbol that is important to your respective cultures in your décor. This will not only make things interesting but will create a beautiful melange of different cultures as well.

multicultural wedding

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11. Do Not Shy From Taking Help

It takes a village to make a wedding perfect. If you want yours to be beautiful then you must not shy away from taking any help. Talk to the families and relatives of your partner to understand their culture. Invite them to help you out in putting your plans into action. We are sure that they will be more than willing to help you with the preparations.

multicultural wedding

Hosting a multicultural wedding can be an amazing experience for the couple and their guests. We all know how much our roots have contributed to building up the person that we are today. It is only fitting that respect is paid to them on your wedding day. Organize a multicultural wedding with the help of these points and we know that it will be beautiful.

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