Wedding food trends have always excited us. Anyone attending a wedding is always very keen to know what is on the wedding food menu? Let’s just accept that it is only the food that attracts the guests to a wedding. No matter in which part of India you reside, food remains the most important aspect of a wedding. This is why the chefs are always on the lookout to make the wedding buffet new and exciting for everyone. As the hosts, we know that you want nothing but the best for your guests. They can overlook anything but an outdated wedding buffet will never be appreciated. If you want your wedding buffet to tantalise the taste buds of your guests then these are the latest and the most anticipated wedding food trends of 2019.

We assure these wedding food trends of 2019 will make your wedding memorable:

1. Indian Regional Cuisine

The wedding food trend will see a shift this year as many chefs are putting their trust in Indian regional dishes. Last year, international favourites like risotto, lasagne, cannelloni were served to the guests but this year, regional cuisines like daal baati churma, palak patta chaat and so much more will be offered to them. This shift happened because the wedding planners are trying to bring the authenticity of Indian traditions back. We have started drooling already!

2. Do-It-Yourself Counters

Another big wedding food trend that we will be seeing at the weddings is the do-it-yourself counters. We saw the rise of deconstructed food menus two years back which was then taken over by the bite-sized wedding food menu last year. This year, however, the trend will again shift. There will be a lot of do-it-yourself salad bars, chaat counters and waffle carts that will make simple wedding food menu much better. This will not only allow the guests to customise food according to their preferences but will keep them entertained as well.

3. Customised Beverages

Food is what guests come for, but just like you, your food also needs a companion. Wedding beverages will see a beautiful change in 2019. Couples these days want their wedding to bear their impression. Since, it is difficult to take it through food, they do it through beverages. Couples will be telling their story with special mocktails and cocktails. There will be special flavours and beverage names that are related to the couple will make the Indian wedding food menu quite interesting. This will be a unique thing to watch in 2019 weddings.

4. Celebrity Chefs

People are inviting celebrities for special performances at their wedding so, inviting celebrity chef is no more a big deal. We can see many celebrity chefs cooking their signature dishes at weddings in 2019. Many celebrity chefs are even branching out so, we can see some of their special and mouth watering  dishes making the simple wedding food menu turn exotic on many wedding menus. You can give your wedding guests a sweet surprise by serving them something straight out of the kitchen of a famous chef or you can get your entire wedding menu curated by them if you are planning to spend big.

5. Indigenous Ingredients For International Cuisines

2019 will be the year of celebrating the essence of India in everything. Chefs will be using local and home-grown ingredients to build your wedding buffet. There is a big reason behind this interesting wedding food trend. People these days have become conscious about what they are eat and consuming are fresh, local produce and is beneficial. Thus, the indigenous ingredients will be used to cook both the Indian and international cuisines.

6. Organic Food In Menu Is ‘The’ Food Trend To Look For

2019 is here and people these days want to eat everything they want without gaining extra calorie. And, nothing is better than organic food fresh from the farm. Not only the wedding guests even the couples love are worried about where their food on the menu is coming from.

7. Introduce Substitutes In Your Food Menu

This year we can see couples including keto, paleo, gluten free food in their simple wedding menu. Many have the misconception that these substitutes don’t end up tasting good, but the options are endless and fingerlicking. It can be the biggest wedding food trend of 2019.

8. Endless Dessert Menu

While the starters and the main course will favour the India flavours, the dessert in the wedding food menu will be a mix of local and international dishes. There will be huge dessert bars serving both Indian and international favourites There will also be a rise of live dessert counters serving waffles, pancakes, jalebi and ice cream Sundays. This is certainly going to be one major reason for attending weddings in 2019.

9. Service Style

Couples these days are keen to have an interesting conversation on the dinner table with their wedding guests. A tavern seating is much preferred by couples at their weddings and we can see some more in 2019 weddings. This wedding trend of 2019 can be great for some family time with your in-laws and your partner.

10. Sustainable Cutlery

People have not only become conscious of what they put in their mouth but also about what they feed the mother Earth. Plastic has been shown the exit door by many local and international organisations. The same thing will be happening at weddings as well. Sustainable and edible cutlery will be preferred in 2019. Dishes will be served in papad cones, potato nest and more. Edible cutlery will be one hit of the food trend this wedding season.

These are some of the latest wedding food trends of 2019 that you should consider before finalising your wedding food menu. We know that you want your guests to be happy and the best way to do that is to serve them the best food. Follow these trends and have a lip-smacking wedding. Also, if you actually want a sustainable wedding then be a part of Tohfa. Register yourself here and a team from Feeding India will come and take the extra food from your wedding to feed the underprivileged.

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