What’s the one thing that we all look forward to at an Indian wedding? Food! However, with time, Indian wedding catering has changed for good and the reason behind such a pleasant change is caterers like Fork ‘n’ Spoon who are constantly trying to provide your guests with a more creative experience without compromising on taste. One of the very few catering companies that has redefined the catering scenario through their immaculate art of fine dining at more than 300 events. Their highly enthusiastic culinary experts have come up with various innovations when it comes to weddings and hence, Fork ‘N’ Spoon is one of the most sought-after wedding catering companies in the country.

So we got them onboard to curate this list of 5 unique ideas that are going to be a hit in 2018 and you must use at your wedding to spruce the catering experience.

1. Pass Around Buffets

Wedding food ideas, wedding food station ideas , indian wedding food

The pass around buffet is one of the best things to happen in Indian weddings. So this year, the stress will be on heavier snacks instead of your regular spring rolls, kebabs or anything else. The whole idea is to replace the main course dishes with heavier snack items. Hence, as a part of the main course, expect to be served with bite sized portions (though the heavier ones) as snacks. Lasagne, risotto and other main course items will be passed around as small servings that you would just pick with a stick and eat. Well, with so much convenience offered while eating, this clearly makes to our list of favourite wedding food ideas, what about you?

2. Summer Refreshment

Wedding food ideas, wedding food station ideas , indian wedding food

Image Courtesy: Capture by Lucy

As summer weddings are about to mark the beginning of the wedding season, you also need to focus upon interesting drinks apart from exciting wedding food ideas, right? So, Fork ‘n’ Spoon shares with us a great idea on how you can keep your guests refreshed and energised in a very unique way. Well, let them have some refreshing ice lollies. Yes, you read that right! Fruit ice lollies are not just for the kids. They can make even the adults go weak in the knees. To take it to another level, Fork ‘n’ Spoon suggests to serve them with everyone’s favourite shaved ice and finely chopped fresh summer fruits like mangoes, watermelon and litchis. You can even serve your guests with fruit infused ice cubes to make their drinks even tastier and interesting.

3. Theme Buffet

Wedding food ideas, wedding food station ideas , indian wedding food

These days, many couples plan their wedding around a particular theme. The venue, décor, food and everything else ought to be in alignment with that theme. Clearly, this concept opens doors for many interesting and unique wedding food ideas. Sufi and Bollywood themes are the most preferred ones this season. So, if you too are opting for the Sufi theme for your wedding, you can have Mughlai cuisine to match the food style with rest of your celebrations. On the other hand, if you want to have a Bollywood style wedding, then you can serve your actors’ favourite dishes. Or you can take your Bollywood fever to the next level altogether by serving the dishes named after your favourite Indian movies characters.

4. Deconstructed Dishes

Wedding food ideas, wedding food station ideas , indian wedding food

Deconstructed food is pretty big in the west and catching up quickly in India as well. As the name itself suggests, your food is presented to you in a deconstructed way. In this, the main elements of a dish are served to you separately. So, you have to assemble the dish yourself. We must say this is one of the most exciting wedding food ideas of the year. Not only will it allow the guests to mix ingredients as per the preferences, this ‘do it yourself’ activity is also going to be a hell lot of fun. So, get set to see a lot of deconstructed taco bowls, Raj Kachori, salads and much more at Indian weddings as well this year.

5. Fusion Food

Wedding food ideas, wedding food station ideas , indian wedding food

Image Courtesy: Savory & Sweet Food

Fusion food is quickly becoming a part of the Indian wedding buffet. It is a very creative way of serving your regular dishes in an unusual and quirky way. Well, Fork ‘N’ Spoon shares with us one such interesting combination that makes a super cool wedding food idea. Serve your guests frozen dahi bhalle in ice cream cones to earn some brownie points from your guests. For desserts, you can opt for gulab jamun cheesecake. Trust us, these fun food items will become an instant hit at your wedding and your guests will be totally impressed.

The food industry is full of many creative and talented culinary artists who work hard to bring to you something out of the box as well as delicious on a regular basis. From sushi bars to pasta stations, Fork ‘N’ Spoon can always create an interesting wedding buffet for you that will leave a lasting impression on the tongues of your guests. This catering company is changing the wedding food industry and we just cannot get over their unique way of serving food. Their food pleases the eyes and entices the taste buds. So, if you want your guests to remember your big day forever, the key is interesting wedding food ideas, and you know whom to catch to make it happen!

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