Wondering how will food trends in 2020 evolve with Indian wedding trends constantly changing? Well, Indian weddings are a lot about food for most of the people and why not? And, so your wedding food doesn’t have to be the same old and boring. Not sure how? Well, what if we say we have discovered the most innovative and upcoming food trends in 2020 which will definitely spice up your wedding catering services. After all, it’s another dazzling year ahead with lots of surprises and fun!

Plus, these food trends in 2020 will take your wedding a notch higher making it the wedding of the year!

1. Edible Flowers Will Be One Of The Biggest Food Trends In 2020!

Well, weddings and flowers are synonyms…don’t you agree? Floral wedding decorations, floral bridal jewellery, floral bridal lehengas and what not! And, so frozen in ice cubes, topped over salads and for cake decorations, edible florals would make a lot of sense. Not only will they look colourful but will also infuse those perfect romantic vibes in your wedding menu!

food trends in 2020

wedding cake

food trends in 2020

2. Self-Serve Drinks And Refreshments

Weddings are a lot more than just sitting down and enjoying the four-course meals. Create a personalized experience for your guests with self-serve bar counters. 

food trends in 2020

food trends in 2020

food trends in 2020

What’s the catch?

Well, self-serve bars will not only help your guests prepare their perfect kinda drink but will also help you save from spending money on bartenders. Won’t you love such food trends in 2020?

3. Upgraded Comfort Food

Who doesn’t love those quick bites at the weddings? But, they often turns up a bit messy. However, with food presentation game acing up, your guests will totally love you for this surprise!

food trends in 2020

4. Artistic Dessert Corner

Make your dessert table more like an experience by giving it a creative and colour pop bend. 

food trends in 2020

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5. Grazing Tables

A feast for the eyes, grazing tables going to be the hottest wedding food trend in 2020. As the name suggests,  it’s the perfect way to make your guests united on your big day. It helps your guests to socialize around a central table of delicious and flavorsome food without serving plates.

food grazing tables

6. Unique Cocktail Walls

Not only will it give an interesting twist to your wedding bar but will also add up to some great wedding backdrops for picture-perfect photographs.

food trends in 2020

cocktail walls

7. Street Food

Because street food is LOVE! This is one of the biggest wedding food trends in 2020 that we look forward to. So, bring it on those street food dishes you love and elevate them to a new level that’s Instagram worthy. 

Indian street food

8. Bowl Food Trends In 2020

This is an interesting way to promote lighter and healthier food at weddings in 2020. You can have a variety of food bowl options for your guests including fresh fruit and veggie bowls, burrito bowls, chicken and sushi bowls and more.

food trends in 2020

9. Farm To Table Wedding Food Trend

Farm-to-table food is about making your wedding food organic, be it by growing your own ingredients, seeking out local suppliers, or sourcing produce from nearby farms. High on love and not prices, try incorporating your own homegrown produce, such as eggs, dairy products and vegetables in your menus. 

food trends in 2020

Know that your wedding food is much more than a beautiful presentation and tons of options to impress your guests with. So, include these unique and newest food trends in 2020 weddings and make your guests go oh la la!

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