If the current pandemic situation has made you shift your wedding celebrations from a big venue to your home, then you might be looking for some easy to prepare menu ideas for small weddings. Well, trust us, cooking your own wedding feast isn’t a bad idea. Also, it isn’t as tiresome and difficult a task as it may seem like. 

So, prepare your own scrumptious food spread to add those perfect intimate vibes to your intimate celebrations. Not sure what all dishes you should add in your intimate wedding feast? Well, end your search for a perfect wedding menu to make your guests scream in love!

Scroll down our list of gourmet menu ideas for small weddings which not only look lip smacking but are easy to make as well.

1. Spice Up Your Nuptials With Some Irresistible Chaat Platter!

Because your wedding feast is incomplete without some street food and there’s nothing better than pani puri and spicy samosas. What do you think? 

menu ideas for small weddings

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2. Brighten Up Your Menu Ideas For Small Weddings WIth This Quesadilla Ring Dish!

Not only does it look super delicious but is easy to grab as well. Just serve it in a ring with a sweet and sour dip and let your guests grab a piece for themselves without going messy!

menu ideas for home weddings

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3. Colourful Sandwiches To Please Every Kind Of Foodie!

Do add appetizers and easy grabs like this one in your menu ideas for intimate weddings. From overloaded veggies and paneer sandwiches to cheese and chicken sandwiches, the options are unlimited to choose from. 

sandwitches4. A Main Course With A Little Twist!

Well, how about serving everyone’s favorite Dal Makhni, Chole and paneer in short glasses with delicious tondoori breads? Well, it won’t take much of your time and will help you grab tons of compliments for your presentation skills.

north Indian wedding food

Image Source: Pizza And Pie

5. Well, Who Doesn’t Love The Overloaded Cheese Garlic Bread?

Let the smell of this freshly baked cheese garlic bread add enthusiasm among your guests as everyone runs to grab their share of irresistible bread!

garlic bread6. How About A Cosy Barbeque Setup In Your Backyard?

Nothing’s better than adding a live barbeque setup in your wedding which sets the mood just right for a maddening celebration. Arrange some booze and music to add icing on the cake!


Image Source: Nirvana Photo Studio

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7. How Can We Miss Adding A Self Bake Wedding Cake In Our List?

Well, you can’t miss adding a wedding cake in your menu ideas for small weddings. Make it special for everyone as you bake your wedding cake for yourself! 

wedding cake, menu ideas for small weddings

Image Source: Shivesh 17

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8. A Little Sweet Treat Is Never A Bad Idea!

How about making fruit kulfis for a post dinner treat? Well, you can consider using any seasonal fruit available and make freshly prepared kulfi and ice creams to call it a night in style!

menu ideas for small weddings

Image Source: Shivesh 17

9. What Is A Wedding Without Some Drinks And  Beverages?

Well, from preparing fruit punch to freshly squeezed lemonade, don’t forget to treat your guests with some refreshing drinks to recharge their senses throughout the celebration!

beverages and drinks at weddings

These wedding food ideas will surely take your home wedding to the next level making your guests feel really excited and special for your extra efforts. 

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