As weddings are becoming more personalized nowadays, how about choosing an alternative to the classic wedding cake to bring that X factor to your wedding? If a traditional wedding cake isn’t really you then why not treat your guests with your favourite sweet, or dessert? Not sure what we are talking about?

Well, there are plenty of ways to serve a show-stopping dessert that keeps alive the tradition and custom without cutting an actual cake. Over the past few years, we have seen the rise of many dessert trends: cupcakes, donut walls and macarons, to name a few. So, why limit your wedding cake options to bread and cream?

Ultimately, a wedding dessert is simply a way to end your wedding celebration on a sweet note! It doesn’t have to be a classic buttercream three-tier. So we have short-listed our favourite wedding cake alternatives: from indulgent doughnuts and macarons to lip-smacking pies and gourmet cheesecakes, there’s a little something to please all tastes, and surprise your guests!

Include these scrumptious wedding cake alternatives and make your evening worth remembering!

Because YOLO! (You Obviously Love Oreos)

How about stacking your favourite biscuits or cookies in a cute and creative way? Hell yeah! It looks just as good as a wedding cake on a cake stand!:D

wedding cake ideas

Macarons? Yes, Please!

Get the best of both worlds (Cookies and cake!) with this wedding cake alternative! This macaron tower in pretty pastels is all easy for your guests to grab a sweet bite using their hands and not the knife!

Cookies and cake

Mad Over Donuts? Seriously?

One of the best wedding cake alternatives are these pretty looking donuts which are too drool-worthy to miss! 

wedding cake alternatives,donuts cakeP.S. In a world full of cakes and cookies, DONUTS are a little HATKE and satisfy your dessert cravings, just as well!
wedding cake alternatives,donuts cake

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Chocolate Lollipops? Why Not?!

Indulge your inner child with an interesting twist! All fun and mess-free, these chocolate lollipops will satisfy all your chocolate cravings in a go! 

chocolate lollipops,wedding cake


Did we just suggest PANCAKES? Well, you can never go wrong with maple syrup and pancakes! A wedding cake look alike which is way more gorgeous and mouth-watering! 

wedding cake,pan cakes wedding cake,pan cakes

A Wafflesome Idea!

Waffles are just pancakes with abs 😛 (Kidding!) But they sure are way healthier than tons of creamy cake layers! So, tada! Best cake alternatives for the diet conscious couples are here!

Best cake alternatives

Overloaded Pies

Apple Pie! Berry Pie! Banana Pie! How about layering your wedding dessert with different exotic fruit flavours? Sounds heaven licious!

Best cake alternatives

Strawberries And Cheesecakes- Oh What A Delight!

A pizza is no good without a dose of cheese! And, so is this utterly delicious dessert! A no-bake cake which is everyone’s favourite is all you need to make your celebration worth remembering!

Strawberries And Cheesecakes

Life Without Pizza? Doesn’t Exist!

Ditch desserts for a while because it’s totally worth celebrating a new beginning with a dose of pizza! Definitely one of the best wedding cake alternatives with not so sweet cheesy bites!

wedding cake alternatives,pizza

We All Scream For? Ice Cream!

An ice cream sandwich layered cake? Yes, please!

ice cream cake

P.S. Attack before it all melts!

Well, with such gorgeous cake portfolios, we hope your search for an exotic baker is now over. Also, looking for Wedding Caterers to book for your big day? Find all the wedding vendors in your budget here.

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