Winters are officially here, and this means the wedding season is about to kickstart! There is something magical about winter weddings and outdoor venues, isn’t it? But what seems to be the best part, are the yummy and lip-smacking cocktails served at the winter weddings. Apart from the piping hot food varieties, the unique attraction these days are surely the cocktails. Some hot, some strong, some boozy, and some twisted flavors, ShaadiWish brings you some amazing ones!

Bookmark these Best Warm Drinks and cocktail ideas For Winter Weddings:

Pomegranate Whiskey Sour

If you want a lip-smacking cocktail that’s perfect for the winter holidays, mix up an easy to make Pomegranate Whiskey Sour. This drink turns the most beautiful color pink. It is perfectly sweet and tart at the same time – exactly what you want in a whiskey sour.

Spiced Apple Cider Sangria For The Winter Weddings!

Perfect with either red or white wine, the spiced apple cider sangria is a show-stealer! This cocktail brings together the cozy flavors of chilly winters and gives you that warm and refreshing kick that everyone will love!

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

Mulled Wine

A Christmas specialty, mulled wine makes a great cocktail idea for winter weddings. It isn’t the conventional or usual cocktail that is easily found, which will make it a standout addition to the wedding. Also, this cocktail is very easily prepared in big batches at once so your guests don’t have to wait in line for their cocktail to be prepared.

Mistletoe Mule

Vodka lovers are sure to fall in love with this delicious cocktail drink! With refreshing pomegranates or cranberry topped with ginger beer, this cocktail makes the perfect balance for you to kickstart the wedding vibe. Trust us, this is going to be your favorite this wedding season.

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

Hot Buttered Rum

This is the perfect cocktail to serve to your guests in the chilly weather to save them from freezing. The flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg blend with the deliciousness of butter makes the cocktail something to die for!

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Pink Peppermint Martini

Bold on pink, but not too sweet – this vodka-based cocktail gives you the right kind of peppermint punch! This is yet another not-so-common cocktail that your guests will surely cherish!

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

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Boozy Hot Chocolate

Want to include hot chocolate for your cocktail night? Easy peesy…make it Irish! There’s hardly anybody out there who is not a fan of hot chocolate especially on the chilly winter nights. And if you add alcohol to it, no one is going to deny it! With just the right amount of Irish whiskey, your guests will feel elated and are going to love this on the bar menu. 

Rum Old Fashioned

Rum lovers know that nothing beats rum old fashioned! With a few dashes of orange bitters and cherry, blended with sugar syrup, the dark rum can be your BFF to get you through the chilly winter weddings.

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

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Hot Gin Punch

Hot gin punch is the ultimate warm cocktail for your winter wedding! Gin is something everyone is sure to love and if you serve it hot at your winter wedding, all your guests will be fighting to get a glass of this cocktail. The punch of flavors from all the citrus fruits blended with gin will surely make your guests grab a second glass!

Spiced Cranberry Margarita

A spiced cranberry margarita is perfect for your guests to slow sip while they dance their hearts out. Also, everyone loves margaritas, thanks to the well-balanced flavors and taste. These pretty-looking margaritas are sure to draw everyone to the bar instantly!

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

Bakewell Tart Fizz

This sweet and light crowd-pleaser cocktail is going to be a hit! Sophisticated and bubbly, the Bakewell tart fizz has all the right notes of gin, dry rosé blended with cherry liqueur or brandy.

Lip-Smacking Cocktail Ideas For Winter Weddings

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