The week leading up to your wedding day can be extremely stressful and crazy. With tons of things to do, last minute planning and guests pouring in, every bride-to-be is bound to become a bridezilla! In fact, this one week before your wedding day will be packed with a rollercoaster of emotions. It will be the impactful one and that’s why we want you to focus and make sure you do things calmly and correctly.

Bookmark These Things To Do The Week Leading Up To Your Wedding Day!

Make A Call To All The Vendors!

Yes, this is where you should start with. Double check with all your wedding vendors and go through all the little details. Nobody wants a last-minute disaster which is why, get things sorted out in the beginning of the week itself. In case there are changes, you will then still have time to look for alternatives.

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Spend Time With Your Family

This goes without saying, but with so much to do, even your family members will be occupied in something or the other. This is the time you will look back to after getting married and maybe regret that you didn’t spend your time differently. The week leading up to your wedding day will be happy and emotional for everyone around you. So, spend time with them and make some special and wonderful memories in those last few days together under the same roof.

Things To Do From A Week Before Your Wedding Day

Make A Quick Checklist For The D-Day!

Keep a checklist handy of all the things you need to go through before the wedding day. This could include a trial of your bridal wear, jewellery, wedding favors and so on. This will immensely help you in aligning all the important things to avoid any last-minute fiasco.

Things To Do From A Week Before Your Wedding Day

Time To Keep Work At Bay

While most brides take off work time a couple of weeks before the wedding, it is best to stay completely free from all work commitments. Also make sure that there is nothing pending form your end as it may then pop-up right after your D-day. You don’t want to turn workaholic immediately post your wedding. Take time off work completely at least one week before and after your big day so that you can focus on everything around your wedding. 

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Soak In The Change That’s About To Happen And Relax

It is very overwhelming especially in the last week before the D-day. With thoughts and emotions running on overdrive, it is best to calm down and soak it all in. accept the changes that are about to happen and how wonderful the next phase is going to be. Surround yourself with nothing but positive thoughts!

Things To Do From A Week Before Your Wedding Day

Hydrate And Self Care

Two major things to ensure you hydrate yourself and keep your skin care regime on point. Stress and dehydration can easily reflect on your skin and you don’t want that to happen right before your wedding day. So, make sure your entire week is full of self-care and hydration.

Things To Do From A Week Before Your Wedding Day
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Get That Beauty Sleep

Just like hydration, it is always a wise choice to maintain your sleep schedule. Get in that beauty sleep amidst the hectic and chaotic last minute planning. You need to ensure your sleep schedule is a full 8 hours to feel fresh and look radiant for your soon-to-start pre-wedding functions.

Focus On The Meals!

We know no one is going to let a bride-to-be skip a meal, instead you will be stuffed with tons of mithais! Don’t go on any diet and just let loose the entire week before the wedding. Enjoy as the week and the coming days are going to be all about you. Also, amidst all the munching, don’t forget to eat a proper meal so that you have all the energy you need for the coming days.

Things To Do From A Week Before Your Wedding Day

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