Ever heard of a bridal must-haves wedding survival kit? Well, if you are an overthinker or an overly cautious bride-to-be, then this is for you! Even after months of micro-planning, a wedding can be highly stressful. And with so many possibilities of things that could go wrong, it is best to be well prepared. The wedding day survival kit consists of all the essential bridal must-haves that can come in handy for all those ‘oops’ moments or just to be prepared for things beyond your control. Well, it is never a bad idea to be prepared right?

So, Here Are All The Bridal Must-Haves That You Should Pack In Your Wedding Day Survival Kit:

1. Brides Essentials For The Wedding Day!

Even though you have a makeup artist dolling you on your wedding day, it is best to carry some of your go-to essentials. Be it a mini lipstick, highlighter, or even your body lotion in a mini travel size. Also, ensure you pack a setting spray and even a makeup remover for any unforeseen makeup smudges. Keep some backup bindis that go with your bridal outfit, along with a pair of tweezers, eyelash glue, and curler.

Bridal Must-Haves

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2. Most Important Thing In Bridal Must-Haves: Facial Mists 

This may seem unnecessary, but trust us, it is quite important to carry a facial mist. Weddings can be exhausting and you don’t want that to be visible on your face, right? A glowing bride looks like a million bucks. Facial mists instantly make you feel refreshed while keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day.

3. Every Bride’s Emergency Kit Must-Have Tissues And Cotton Swabs

Tissues are one of the basic things, to begin with. For quick wipes, dabbing, or cleaning, it is best to carry a packet of tissues in your bridal must-haves kit. Also, if you are an emotional bride, tissues can help you survive through the day. You can keep a few wet wipes too as they come in handy to get off makeup stains. Also, ensure you keep a few cotton swabs / Q-tips along with the tissues. Cotton swabs can be used with makeup remover to fix any last-minute makeup smudges.

Bridal Must-Haves

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4. A Bride Requires Straws In Her Wedding Survival Kit

Wondering why a bride would need straws? Well, after getting your makeup done on point, you don’t want to transfer or smudge your lipstick in any way! And straws are the best way to ensure that your lipstick stays in place when you drink water or have any refreshments.

5. Pack A Few Blotting Papers For The Wedding Day

While blotting paper can be your best friend especially if it is a summer wedding! Dab away excess sebum, and sweat while keeping your makeup intact with a blotting paper. These two bridal must-haves are sure to be a game-changer! 

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6. Water Bottle To Keep The Bride Hydrated!

Amidst the wedding excitement, many brides tend to forget or do not pay much attention on staying thoroughly hydrated. A well-hydrated bride is always energetic! So, pack a bottle of water in your bridal must-haves. It comes in super handy in case you feel your throat getting dry due to the wedding jitters. 

7.  Keep Mouth Fresheners Handy For The D-Day!

Having mouth fresheners occasionally can never go wrong. It is best to have them handy on your wedding day to ensure you always have a fresh breath. Moreover, scrumptious food with strong flavors is a very common thing at Indian weddings. Keeping some mouth freshers handy and discreetly chewing on them will prevent the dreaded foul-smelling mouth.

8. Always Carry A Travel-Sized Perfume Or Deodorant

If it’s a summer wedding and you have a full face of makeup, there could be a possibility of sweating or odor. Perhaps, even your wedding outfit could turn out to be a lot hotter than you thought. So, it is best to carry perfume or deodorant to ensure that you are always smelling and feeling fresh! Plus, it is most likely that a bridesmaid or two will forget to pack their own.

9. Little Essentials To Include In The Bride’s Emergency Kit

One can never have enough safety pins! With heavy bridal outfits, always carry a few extra safety pins in multiple sizes just to be safe. Also, carry the double-sided tape in case your blouse fits oddly or decides to fit funnily on D-day. A double-sided tape can always be helpful to prevent any fashion malfunctions.

10. Extra Hair Pins And Hair Setting Spray

When it comes to basic essentials, you will never be disappointed if you carry them handy. For unforeseen incidents like your ring getting caught in your hair, or your dupatta tugging your hair to cause discomfort, extra hairpins always come to your rescue! Keep all those baby hair and flyaways off your face with the hairpins. Just like the safety pins, keep a few hairpins in your bridal must-haves kit. You can also carry a mini dry shampoo or setting spray for quick fixes.

11. A Handy Sewing Kit For Last-Minute Bridal Outfit Fixing

Be it for travel or for your wedding day, it is always good to carry a mini sewing kit. With a few common-colored threads, you can finish any last-minute fixes or avoid fashion disasters. And with the wedding hustle, you never know when a hook or a button can fall off at the last minute!

Bridal Must-Haves

12. Keep Medical Supplies In The Survival Kit

Be it headaches from hangovers or stress, or a few cuts and scrapes from your bridal footwear, anything can strike when you least expect it! It is always great to carry the essential medications for allergies, pain relievers, or even antacids. Keep a few alcohol wipes or band-aids too in case of blisters or a small scrape.

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13. Pre-Ceremony Snacks For The Bride

Well, nobody wants a hangry bride! With all the wedding day nervousness, excitement and jitters, most brides often end up skipping or missing meals. Although you likely don’t wish to fill up on food just before your ceremony, it is still a good idea to have a snack ready. After all, you do not want to worry about being tired, fainting or feeling sick during the ceremony. Keep some dry fruits and nuts, granola snacks, energy bars, or glucose biscuits handy! A light snack will always be helpful.

Bridal Must-Haves
Image Source: Something Turquoise

14. Extra Earring Backs To Avoid Wedding Day Chaos 

With the rush, if getting ready and hurrying up, you never know where these little earring backs fall and roll off to. You do not want to be caught wasting time searching for these little guys. Keep a few extra ones!

15. Do Not Forget All The Intimate Essentials!

Usually, the wedding stress can bring a guest! Always keep a few sanitary pads, tampons, or panty liners in your bridal must-haves. Even if you don’t need it, someone else might. 

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