Sorting out your wedding shopping can be quite tiresome and exhausting. And that’s why we’ve got you covered with wedding essentials for Bengali brides. Bengali brides have a lot of specific traditional elements included in their bridal trousseau, which are truly unique. We have created an ultimate bridal checklist that will help you, Bengali brides, to sort it all out without much hassle. So let’s get started, shall we?

Save This Handy & Useful List Of Wedding Essentials For Bengali Brides-

1. Topor Mukut

The topor mukut is an essential part of both the bride and groom’s wedding trousseau. It is a headgear worn by brides on their wedding day. The topor is made of shola pith and is white in color. The bride dons the headgear on her wedding day as a part of their wedding tradition. It adds a very distinctive look to their wedding.

bengali topor mukut

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2. Chandan Bindi Art

‘Bindis’ have been a part of every Indian bride’s ‘solah sringaar’ and Bengali brides have the most creative designs of them all. As a part of Bengali tradition, brides adorn their faces with chandan and kumkum bindi on their wedding day. Chandan is known to bring peace and good fortune, whereas kumkum is considered a symbol of love. Many brides opt for different bindi art designs that further accentuate their eyes.

chandan bindi art design

Parul Garg Makeup

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3. Wedding Essentials For Bengali Brides

The ‘Gachkouto’ is a red pot containing sindoor and silver coin that’s considered Goddess Lakshmi’s accessory. The bride has to carry the Gachkouto throughout her wedding ceremony until she arrives at her husband’s house. It is one of the most important elements of the Bengali bride.

bengali gachkouto

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4. Applying Alta 

Alta is a red pigment that is extracted from betel leaves. Alta has been a part of Indian weddings for a very long time. Every bride used to apply Alta on their wedding day earlier as a part of the tradition. However, mehndi is more popular now. But some Bengali brides still apply Alta on their hands and feet. Some even mix Alta designs with their henna, these days.

bridal alta design

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5. Shakha Pola Bangles

Bengali shakha pola bangles are somewhat a staple for married Bengali women. They are red and white-colored bangles that are symbolic of bringing health and prosperity to the newlywed bride’s life. 

bengali bridal bangles

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6. Traditional Bengali Saree

Most bong beauties don the red Banarasi sarees on their wedding day. Their red sarees have gold details that match with their gold jewelry. In many other cultures, we’ve seen lehengas taking over the bridal wear trend. But many Bengali brides still prefer their traditional sarees and that’s what we love about them. Simplicity and beauty go hand-in-hand in their biyer.bengali bride

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So, there you go ladies, it’s time to start your wedding shopping. It sure was a khoob bhalo experience for us curating this essentials list for you.

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