If you’re shopping for a Bengali bridal ensemble and you will know that you cannot get married without topor for Bengali brides.  One of the most unique and eye-catching elements about a Bengali bride is her topor. Yes, topors are the traditional and authentic part of a Bengali bridal ensemble, without which a Bengali look is simply incomplete. 

Topors are conventional headgears for both Bengali brides and grooms, usually made out of sholapith, which is the sponge wood plant or the cork tree which makes it of the typical white color that it is famously recognised by. 

With time, these topors too have witnessed various innovations and now many topors with extravagant designs are available in the market. Therefore, here we have collated a list of popular topors for Bengali brides that you might like and take inspirations from for your own wedding.

Bookmark these Elaborate and Beautiful topors for Bengali brides to include in your authentic Bengali bridal look – 

1. OTT Mukut Topors For OTT Bengali Brides

Loving how the topor is complementing the pink bridal saree and making her look even more attractive.

bengali bridal topor

Image Source: The Glamorous Makeover

Giving us the proper Bengali bridal feels with subtle makeup, these ones are our favourites.

Bengali bridal makeup ideas

Image Source: The Glamorous Makeover

bridal Bengali topor

Image Source: The Glamorous Makeover

Rock a literal goddess like look in these big and florid mukut style topors, which are perfect for all the OTT Bengali brides. 

topors for Bengali brides

Image source -RGB Creative Studio

topors Ideas

Image source -Mua Arpita Dey

2. Lightweight Traditional And Authentic Topor

A simple authentic white topor like this one would go a long way, as this is not only comfortable but also has a traditional look with a hint of minimalism that we totally adore.

Traditional topor

Image source – Pinterest

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3. Beautiful Topor Shell Design

How about this cute tall topor with delicate shell design? It’s definitely one of our favorites. 

Topor Shell Design

Image source – Sourav Paul

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4. Elaborate Topor With Carved Out Floral Design

Such elegant yet intricate topors honestly are to die for. We bet you can’t say no to this exceptional craftsmanship either.

Floral topor

Image source – @bangladeshi_briderockz

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5. Glamourous Topor With Faux Pearl And Stone Detailing

The faux pearl and stone detailing tremendously adds to its charm and makes these topors even more extravagant and beautiful. How do you like them?

Stone Detailing topor

Image source – Sourav Paul

design topor

Image source – Sheela’s Makeover

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6. Pretty Swan-Like Topor For Bengali Brides

How insanely cute is this topor with swan design? We simply can’t keep our eyes off of it, especially when it is complimenting the bride’s smile so beautifully. 

White Topor

Image source – Pinterest

7. Classic White Topor With A Hint Of Red

Keeping it authentically unconventional, the added hint of red to a simple white topor can also work wonders as you can see in this design right here. We highly recommend such gorgeous topors to match with your grand red Banarasi sarees

topor designs

Image source – Sheela’s Makeover

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