He popped the question, you said yes! You both can’t wait to start this exciting journey and somehow in the middle of all the frenzy, what suddenly dons upon you is all the wedding planning that is coming ahead. But don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. Plan your wedding with us at ShaadiWish and we’ll make sure it’s a smooth ride. To start, we’ve made a list of the top things that you need to do as soon as you get engaged to your beau!

1. Tell The World & Celebrate With Your Partner!  

Before you set out on the task of getting your planner out, make sure to relax, take some time off and celebrate with near and dear ones. Put it on social media, take some amazing engagement ring selfies, let it sink in, embrace each other and hold onto those thoughts for a while. Don’t forget to send the “we’re engaged” selfie with to us at sendyourwish@shaadiwish.com to let us make this announcement even more special.

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2. Start The Informal Wedding Discussions!

One week of mere conversations to understand what each of you are expecting out of the wedding is a must. Talk about the locations, the scale of wedding, the possibilities basically. You’ll realize that by the end of this week, you along with the family will have a clear vision of what your dream wedding will look like!

3. Time To Have Some Formal Chats About The Budget!

A very important and difficult task is setting hardlines on the budget. We suggest you keep a buffer of 25% on top of your budget. There are multiple miscellaneous costs that you will not be able to account for in the beginning. After this mammoth task, sit down to start the executing things on the wish list!

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4. Draft Your First Guest List!

By now you know the type of wedding you’re having so making a guest list is wise. Is it a destination wedding or a local one? The lists can alter quite a bit whatever you choose. This also depends on the budget which you’ve already worked on. Keep in mind that almost 10-20% guests will not be able to make it, so you can calculate that in advance itself.

5. Fix The Date For The Wedding!  

Is the wedding going to take place in summers or winters? Pick a time and freeze on it because depending on how much time you have in had, you need to start blocking places and vendors for the wedding. This is another task that should be taken care of in the first 15 days itself, especially if the muhurat comes for the busiest season.

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6. Pick Venues, Locations, Hotels For Guests.

After the date is fixed, scout for venues. You can physically go and see the places or browse through a list online here of handpicked venues in Delhi NCR. Besides figuring out the venues for the function, if you have guests coming in you also need to plan their stay. It’s best to work on this simultaneously.

7. Make A Checklist Of Things To Do!

The venue is figured out, the time is set. All you need to do is make a checklist of all the things that need to be done with a timeline. From your bridal lehenga to the mehendi decor, from logistics management to choreography, get it all down on one list and start acting upon it.

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8. Rope In A Wedding Planner!

A big fat wedding has aspects that the first timers cannot decipher, it’s best to leave it upon an expert to plan. Get in a wedding planner to organize your dream wedding, so that you can enjoy these precious days with your loved ones. Besides, you’ll land up spending much more since you’re unaware of the costs and prices involved.

9. Start Looking For Suitable Vendors!

Once the checklist is ready, you know what are the major things that you need to plan for the wedding. Figuring out the dholwalas, chaatwalas, mehendiwalas. It’s best to start the trials so that you can select the best for for you.

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10. Book In-Demand Vendors!

Booking the vendors would be a smart thing to do if you already know for sure whom you prefer. Generally, in the limited time of convenient wedding dates, you don’t want to regret that the vendor you want at your wedding is already booked. That’ll be a short nightmare.
The wedding planning can be quite tiring, so make sure to pace it out and divide the responsibilities amongst trusted friends and family. Ultimately, it all ends well.

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