A bachelorette party is a sort of ‘last hurrah’ for the bride-to-be before she turns from ‘Miss to Mrs’. And typically, it’s the maid of honour or her best friends’ duty to plan the perfect bachelorette bash for the bride. If you’re looking forward to hosting a bachelorette for your BFF soon, then we’ve got some fun ideas and tips for you. Planning a fun and memorable party is a lot of responsibility, especially if you haven’t done it before. But there’s nothing to worry about because we’re going to guide you through step by step. 

Useful Tips & Tricks To Plan A Memorable Bachelorette Party For Your Bestie

1. Set The Budget

It is very important to plan the expenses in advance. Everyone who will be involved in the planning and preparation should be mindful of the budget. It’s quite easy to go overboard when you’re having fun but not unless you’ve set a fixed budget. All the bridesmaids/friends can pitch in and contribute so that the burden doesn’t fall on just one person. It will also make it easier to compartmentalize the planning process.

bachelorette party

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Save these gorgeous and fun bachelorette party cake ideas. 

2. Dos & Don’ts

The bachelorette bash is all about celebrating the bride-to-be’s bachelorhood. And the main focus is for her to have the time of her life while at it. So, make sure you’ve done everything that will ensure her having the best time. Have a conversation with the bride-to-be about what she would like or dislike, her choice of food, desserts, beverages etc. Anything to make her feel special so that she will cherish this party forever. 

3. Setting The Mood

The party-mood or theme majorly depends on the bride’s preferences. Whether she’s a party animal who’d love an outdoor party with music and booze. Or is she someone who enjoys a pyjama party with her girls indoors with some board games and movie marathons? So you’ll have to stage the decor and mood accordingly. 

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3. Bachelorette Party Outfits

The outfit choices depend on your preferences, all the bridesmaids can dress up in matching outfits while the bride-to-be stands out from the crowd. Or you can all dress according to a theme; for example- dresses, bridal robes, sexy formals, etc. It would certainly make for great ‘gram-worthy pictures with your BFFs!

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4. It’s All Fun & Games!

What’s a bachelorette party without some typical bachelorette games? Plan out hilarious and cheesy board games to keep the energy up throughout the night. You can play a lot of interesting games like Never Have I Ever, Beer Pong, Double Meaning Trivia, etc. There’s going to be a lot of laughter and blackout sessions. 

Here are 10 fun game ideas to make your bachelorette legendary.

5. Party Favours

A memorable bachelorette party calls for memorabilia. Make sure to have some cute and interesting party favours for each bridesmaid to take back with them. It will be a great reminder of an unforgettable day you all will be sharing. The party favours can be customized as well with each bridesmaids’ name etched into it. You can opt for personalized keychains, tumblers, eye masks, robes, hangover kits, etc. 

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