The hen party or the bachelorette kick start your Wedding celebrations! It is the day of dancing, drinks, debauchery, and general naughtiness. You will be surrounded by your closest friends and can totally let loose. Besides a few edited Facebook and Instagram pictures, the world will never know what really went down. We put together this list of bachelorette night games based on ones that we think would be fun to play.

So, here are a few Bachelorette Night games that will break the ice and get everyone to start behaving badly!

1. Banned Words

Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night – for example, drink, or bride, or sex! Make sure the words are hard to avoid. Whoever breaks the rules, will be punished by having to take a shot, dance or do something totally cringe-worthy.
bachelorette party games

2. Consequences, Yes Please!

Remember this naughty childhood game? This one calls for the following headings:

  • Her name
  • His name
  • Where they did it.
  • What position
  • Who caught them doing it

Each person has to write something under each heading, fold it, and then pass it on to the next person. At the end, you have to unfold the paper and read out your dirty story!

3. Truth Or Dare

Another childhood game that will spark lots of laughter! Spin an empty bottle, and the person the bottle’s mouth points at will be asked to choose to either answer a question or perform a dare. This will be fun at a bar where members of the opposite sex are also present.
bachelorette party

4. Post-It Note Game

Each friend must write a memory they have with the bride on a post-it, and then place it into a bowl. The bride will have to pull each one out and read them out loud, and then guess whom the memory belongs to!

5. True Or False

Compile a list of statements about the bride – some of which are true, and some that are completely over the top and false! All the friends will take turns to read stuff out loud, and everyone has to guess whether it’s true or false. The bride will be rolling on the floor with laughter.
bachelorette party ideas

6. Wedding Film Charades!

Pick teams and then choose all your favourite wedding movies or the all time favorite romantic movies. The team will have to guess each other’s movies. And of course the losing team will be severely punished with lots of alcohol.

7. Celebrity Shaadi Quiz!

This fun filmy game will put everyone’s celeb knowledge to test! Take turns to announce the name of various married celebrities and the first person to shout back whom they’re married to, gets a prize.
bachelorette party

8. Treasure Hunt

This is a treasure hunt with super fun and naughty twist. Create a list of items for each team to collect within a short time limit. The winning team will win fun prizes. Be sure to get as creative and wild with your list: a shot glass, a man’s phone number, a selfie with two single men, a piece of clothing, etc.

9. Never Ever Have I Ever!

This fun drinking game will get everyone slurring within minutes. Each friend has to make a simple statement starting with “Never have I ever“. Whoever has done that thing has to drink. Hic!
bachelorette night games

10. TP Couture

The bride to be has to strip out of her dress, while her friends create a new dress for her out of a roll of paper! The end result will go down in fashion history.

Here’s A Step by Step Guide To Planning A Fabulous Hen Party For Your Bestie!

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