These “undercover” wedding barideas are all you need for some tipsy dance moves at the baraat!

They say the real madness at a wedding happens at the Baraat. Or let’s just say, all the crazy that happens otherwise, is kept undercover because it may involve some “high spirits”! 

At some parties, the bar is well stocked with plenty of variety with swanky bartenders creating the perfect blends of “liquid encouragement” But we all have been, at some point of our marriage attending careers, shocked and surprised by the cruelest statement which could very well be a Shaadi-attenders biggest nightmare…”Alcohol Shall Not be Served At This Function”. Unless or until this “absence” is due to the religious nature of the event, it’s a universally acknowledged merrymaking rule that some liquid encouragement will only add to the amusement of your shaandaar party!

baraat dance

You’ll see the Full-on Shaadi mode come alive after a couple of pegs & shots have made their way down the bellys of your enthusiastic guests and have started their magic of transforming them into your “shaadi-squad”. Especially at the Baraat, Give your baratis their dose of magical potion and see their animated versions making the dhol wala beat the dhols even louder! 

While every person has some responsibility assigned to them at the wedding, this very prestigious job is given to someone who knows just how to find a hassle-free way to make this hush-hush activity famous amongst the shenanigans without letting the rest of the people find out. This is especially high-priority when the Baraat is on. That’s when you’ll find a designated car as a wedding bar that welcomes the guests who need an elixir of enthusiasm to replenish their energies and accompany the groom to the venue with a bang! 

At other times, you’ll find these loaded cars stationed in the parking lots and you’ll need a special pass to locate it, until then, it’s all incognito. 

Well, we’ll call this portable drinking establishment the Car-O-Bar. 

Here are some pro tips on how you can ace these wedding bars for cars effortlessly, from experts who’ve been there and done that multiple times. 

1. All and any car can be transformed into the much loved CAR-O-BAR.

It definitely needs the space and tints if the act has to be completely incognito. Otherwise, the golden rule for car-o-bar is that it should belong to someone you know (could get dangerous if not), its location as close to the event as possible (to make these trips as easy as possible) and the most important element, it needs to be lock stocked with all the party favorites. 

2. Obviously, the car you choose needs to have a lot of space. 

car bar ideas

Bridal Makeup Artists

3. Trash the breakable stuff and substitute it with unfussy materials.

Get disposable plastic/thermocol cups. You can also find some liquor bottles that aren’t Glass. Let’s look at the convenience and ignore the feels for a while. 

car bar ideas

P.S. No party is a kick-ass party if there are no solo cups!

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4. Chiller boxes FTW! 

Just because we’re in the car, doesn’t mean we compromise on the temperature of the drinks. Arrange some small chiller ice boxes with lots of ice inside.

alcohol in car

5. Don’t forget the knickknacks. 

From a bottle opener to a slice of lemon or maybe straws for some. 

car bar ideas

6. Camouflage your drinks. 

Carry it around in other bottles. Use a mineral water bottle for clear drinks, and switch to a coloured aerated drink bottle for the rest! 

car bar for wedding guests

7. Lots of tissues & cleaning cloths, please! 

It is a bar, it is going to get messy. Make sure you are ready about this. After all, this car is going to be used in the future for transportation purposes as well. 

car bar for wedding guests

8. Shots glasses & the accompaniments. 

You don’t want anyone to be taking neat shots and you won’t be able to stop them either. Add some salt, mixers and lemon juice please and avoid the drama later. After all, it is your mini wedding bar, right?

alcohol in car

9. Set the Mahaul Right! 

Give your Car-O-Bar some asli character. Store some Chakhnas, some dhinchak music and an open door inviting all the eager consumers. 

wedding bar ideas

Oye! Kithe gayi sharaab di gaddi? 

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