No matter how good and unique is the décor of your wedding or how expensive and magnificent your wedding outfits are, if the food at your wedding is not delectable enough, you are earning no brownie points in front of your guests! In fact, a savoury menu is just not enough in today’s time if you really want your wedding to become the talk of the town! So to help you in planning the most memorable menu for your big day, our food partner, Ankur Jain, Founder, The Indian Catering Company, reveals the top wedding food trends of 2018.

1. Health Food  

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet
Yes, you read that right! Health food has caught the attention of the wedding industry as well. Despite your wedding being an occasion for indulgence, there are still going to be a few guests who’d stick to healthy eating. And for such health-conscious guests, the caterers these days are offering a menu that includes items like veggie wraps, gourmet salads, roasted nut chaat, and much more. So, make sure you ask yours to add a few healthy food items in your wedding menu. Some couples even prefer using farm-fresh organic items for the preparation of all the food items in their menu. This way, you can easily satiate your guests’ taste buds along side keeping their tummies happy.

2. DIY Counters

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet

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This trend is raging amongst Indian wedding guests. Not only is it a great way to let your guests savour a flavour of their choice, but is also a fabulous idea to keep them entertained. Right from ‘make your own chaat’ to ‘brew your own coffee’, there are multiple DIY food counter ideas that can be incorporated at a wedding to give it a ‘hatke’ element.

3. Customised Beverages

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet

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These days, a lot of couples are adding a personalised touch to their wedding celebrations by including some of the beverages that are their family members and friends’ favourites. To make it all the more special, they give them unique names such as “grandma’s special ginger tea”, “bridesmaids bubbly” , etc. So ask your loved ones about their preferences and give them special names to incorporate a trendy beverage  bar at your wedding.

4. Local Indian Flavours

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet
While a set of Indian weddings’ menu largely consists of dishes that are popular all across the nation, couples these days are including specialities of different regions of India to make their wedding all the more flavourful. The menu gets even more interesting for the couples having interfaith weddings as they can include the food items that has their respective cultures’ influences.

5. Food Trucks

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is yet another wedding food trend that has become quite too popular in Indian weddings these days. The trucks decorated in vibrant colours make a very appealing section at a wedding and all the guests get attracted to them for sure. So whether you put up a ‘daaru ka truck’, an ice cream truck or any other food item’s truck at your wedding, it sure is going to be a hit!  

6. Miniature Snack Items

Indian Weddings, Wedding Menu Trends, Wedding Buffet
Usually, there isn’t anything apart from a few hot beverages for the guests during the pheras ceremony. But caterers these days are offering interesting snacks items like mini pizzaz, tacos, small pasta bowls, etc. for the guests to satiate their mini hunger pangs.
Loved these wedding food trends? We are sure your guests too will love to see them all at your wedding!  
About the author: Ankur Jain, Founder, The Indian Catering Company, has been into the F&B industry for about seven years. After working with various big brands in the industry, he started his own venture through which he provides high-quality pure vegetarian food with a lavish buffet setup to weddings and other events. You can contact him at for more details.

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