Well, if you have already decided to skip the big fat Indian wedding in 2020 or in 2021, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, it’s important that you check out the ultimate guide of intimate wedding ideas. The current Coronavirus situation has not only affected the global economies adversely but will also put an end to massive social gatherings in the foreseeable future. After all, social distancing is the need of the hour. But, that doesn’t mean that you need to postpone your wedding plans for very long. Yes, you can still host smaller weddings post lockdown and how.

 Ultimate Guide To Plan Weddings After COVID-19

intimate weddings

There’s something special about intimate weddings. Not only are they less stressful and easy to plan but also gives you a perfect opportunity to make your guests feel extra special. Plus, you get to save a lot of time and money.

So, if you are planning for a small wedding, here are some intimate wedding ideas to choose from and host one – 

1. Location Matters Even If It’s Happening At Your Home!

Pick open areas which can accommodate your guests easily. From open lawns to terrace- choose a location which can be converted into your intimate wedding space without much effort.

P.S. Know a friend or a family member who owns a farm house? Well, your intimate wedding celebration cannot get any better as it would be at a farm house.

intimate wedding ideas

Image Source: Studio W India

Tips you should consider before planning an outdoor wedding.

2. Jazz Up Your Intimate Wedding Ideas With DIY Decorations

Well, use your quarantine time effectively and unleash the creativity in you as you prepare DIY wedding decorations to style up your wedding venue i.e. your home.

personalised wedding decor

Image Source: Fireflies Decor

From reusing those bottles and cardboard boxes to creating DIY wall hangings, dreamcatchers and more, there’s a lot you can do in this lock down. 

P.S. take out those extra mattresses, cushions and pillows to create intimate and comfy spaces in your homes.

DIY decor

Image Source: Rose Walls Decor

Backyard wedding decor ideas to host intimate weddings.

3. Create Dramatic Spaces As You Play With The Lights Smartly

If you are hosting a small wedding at your terrace, make sure to lit it up using fairy lights and mirchi lights including some scented candles to make your space all dramatic and impactful.

intimate wedding ideas4. Include Personalized Food Menu In Your Intimate Wedding Ideas

How about baking your own wedding cake? Or preparing the star recipe of the evening?

You can even invite your guests for a wedding cum “Potluck” party and make your wedding feast all big and grand with lots of new dishes to try.

intimate wedding ideas

How about these Indian mithais that can be made at home for weddings.

5. Make It Exciting For Your Guests

This time surely isn’t coming back again, so why not make it all memorable and HATKE? Let your guests color coordinate with your wedding outfits or give them some easy to follow wedding dress code for your small wedding. 

intimate wedding ideas

Image Source: Studio W India

Tips to be glamorous at a small wedding.

6. Don’t Miss On To Your Wedding Entertainment

Well, if you think you can’t have fun at your home, you are completely mistaken! Borrow some speakers from your friends and set up your own DJ. Create your wedding playlist and let the music play.

These evergreen Punjabi songs are must in a wedding playlist.

7. Quirk Up Your Intimate Wedding Ideas With Personalized Wedding Games

It’s time to go back in the 90’s and take some inspirations from the much loved Bollywood movies like Hum Apke Hai Kaun. Plan those old school wedding games which are much loved by our dadis, nanis and all the oldies of the house to the little ones and make the most of your wedding celebration.

P.S. take out those mattresses and create comfy floor seating arrangements for all your guests to come together and play games like Antakshari, Dumb Charads, Pass The Pillow and even musical chairs.

wedding games

wedding games

8. Add Booze For A Memorable Affair

Because no celebration is complete without some chilled beers and tipsy cocktails.

intimate wedding ideas

Image Source: The Wedding Designers

Tips on how to organize a Car-O-Bar.

9. Keep Your Outfits Simple Yet Memorable

How about ditching the usual designer lehengas and instead picking an outfit from your mother’s wardrobe? Heirloom banarasi or silk saree sounds like a perfect pick. Since, you are getting married at home, you wanna stay as comfortable as possible so that you can enjoy your wedding festivities to the fullest. 

bridal saree

Image Source: The Picture Patch Photography

Guide on how to create an intimate wedding outfit using your mother’s lehenga.

10. Opt For A Minimal Look

From minimalistic jewellery to makeup, make sure you don’t look OTT at your intimate wedding affair. After all, going minimalistic is the new bridal look.

intimate wedding ideas

Image Source: Studio W India

11. Surprise Your Guests With DIY Wedding Favors

Your wedding celebration can become a sweet reminder of gratitude and love for your guests if you surprise them with some cutesy DIY wedding favors. Not only will they unleash the creativity in you but also will prove how much you love your guests.

12. Plan An Eco-Friendly Intimate Wedding 

Dia Mirza’s very beautiful and small wedding was the talk of the town. You will be stunned to know that she had planned a zero-waste wedding. From the decor to the favors, everything was eco-friendly. Isn’t that just great?

eco-friendly wedding

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