There’s nothing better than including some fun wedding games to your wedding celebration as they act as an icebreaker between the bride and the groom’s side. While delicious food catering and rock n roll music is much needed to keep the guests entertained, outdoor wedding games can equally take your wedding festivities a notch higher making it a memorable affair for one and all.

These trending and super fun games are a perfect addition in every destination wedding itinerary keeping your guests engaged as they indulge in some mind relaxing therapy. 

Well, the usual Bollywood Antakshari and Dumbcharads are passe. So, include these thoughtful, fun and engagement activities in your pre wedding festivities and let the fun begin!

Interesting Wedding Games You Must Include In Your Indian Wedding To Make It All Memorable!

1. How about reliving the old childhood memories with Stapoo!

Let the wedding madness begin with some hop, jump and skip and some never-ending dose of laughter.

wedding games, stapoo

Image Source: Shyamalee Thevar

2. You can never go wrong with wedding games like Foosball!

Foosball can be a fun addition in your wedding entertainment where the competition between the groom and bride side would be too much fun to watch.

wedding game ideas

Image Source: Vansha And Aditya

3. Because wedding games are incomplete without a giant Snakes And Ladder setup!

Indian weddings can’t get any better as they can be with fun Snakes and Ladder game. Roll that huge dice and let your guests climb the ladders or get bitten by a snake. 

wedding decor ideas

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

snakes and ladder

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

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4. Corn Hole Wedding Game Makes For Some Ultimate Outdoor Celebration!

Corn hole is the perfect lawn game for couples that want to add a perfect dose of personalized  activities to match with their wedding theme. The trick is to toss those little bean bags or sack bags aiming at the boards with the hole. P.S. go a little creative with the board design as you can personalise with your wedding hashtag or theme. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the board scores 1 point.

corn hole wedding games

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

wedding game ideas

Image Source: Magic Motion Media

5. Find The Next Indian Idol In The Wedding With A Karaoke Night!

How many votes for a Karaoke sundowner or a relaxing brunch before your wedding day? Well, it would be a perfect icebreaker amongst your guests together as they enjoy the medley of songs while slipping their drinks. 

P.S. id doesn’t matter if you sing bad!

6. Chug Face-Off

What are Indian wedding games without some fun-filled competition? A chugging face-off is all you need to make that sundowner party all worth it. The game is all about who sips their drink faster. So, call on the stage all the alcohol lovers to have a face-off with the opposite team. 

P.S. not bringing in the booze? Never mind, the game is still on with mocktails by your side!

wedding games

Image Source: Magic Motion Media

7. Couple Shoe Game

This is one of our favorite games to play at wedding parties! The wedding couple takes a seat in front of their guests, sitting back to back with one of their shoes, and one of their partner’s. They are then asked questions and statements related to them and their relationship to which the couple has to raise the shoe that corresponds with their answer.

P.S. Don’t forget to include some ‘spilling the beans’ kinda questions to make the game exciting and fun. If not with the shoes, the couple can also play this game with placards of their faces and use them for answering.

couple shoe game

Image Source: Ishta & Neeraj

8. How Many Votes For This Giant Twister?

This giant version of the classic twister is all you need for some real wedding fun. 

P.S. start this game after a few shots of alcohol and wait for some never-ending madness and laughter!

mehendi game ideas

Image Source: F5 Weddings

9. The Ultimate Family Game Of Tug-of-War!

Yet another fun family game that can be played amongst the bride squad and the groom squad, tug-of-war is one of the best Indian wedding games. Call in everyone to play this game, be it your friends, kids of the house or the oldies gang and check “Kisme Kitna Hai Dum”!

mehndi game ideas

Image Source: Candid Tales

10. Quirk Up Your Beach Weddings With A Game Of Volleyball!

Give an interesting twist to the usual game of volleyball by replacing it with a giant sized ball..

beach wedding games

beach wedding games

Image Source: F5 Weddings

11. A Personalised Word Search Game? Hell, Yes!

You can include words related to the couple’s love story or their names to things they love the most and words that describe them the best. Make sure this game is played with a time limit to check who guesses the maximum number of words correctly.

reception wedding games12. Who All Screams For A Game Of Giant Jenga??

An oversized version of this classic game is sure to garner attention from adults and kids alike.

jenga game ideas

Image Source: Magic Motion Media

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13. Call In Everyone For A Game Of Tic-Tac-Toe!

A quick session of this game is sure to keep your guests all happy and entertained throughout the party!

outdoor wedding games14. Indulge In Some Mindful Wedding Games Like This Personalized Puzzle Solving!

Well, share some personalized fun-solving puzzles with your guests and see who completes them in the shortest span of time!

wedding games

Image Source: Samruddhi & Abhimanyu

15. The Game Of Sticks

This mindful game requires a bit of strategy and attention to make sure you don’t touch another stick in any way while taking out the first one.

outdoor wedding games

Image Source: Shyamalee Thevar

16. Add Curiosity Among Your Guests With Wedding Games Like Spin The Wheel

This Indian wedding game is perfect for all your guests to interact with each other. You can create a custom wheel of activities or let’s call them dares that your guests would have to do to win the game!

spin the wheel17. Add Variance To The Classic Ring Toss Game!

You can either directly toss the ring on a stand kept at a distance from the player or make it more engaging by keeping small gifts for your guests. All they have to do is to aim the rings at the gifts to win them respectively.

ring toss

indian wedding games

Image Source: Weddings By Knotty Days

18. Make A DIY Wedding Game

Super fun to play, Ball in a bucket can be easily set up by the couple itself. 

P.S. aim the balls endlessly to collect them in a bucket!

DIY wedding game

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19. Your List Of Wedding Games Is Incomplete Without The Game of Beer Pong!

Beer pong is a mandatory game at many cocktail parties nowadays. This fun wedding game is a win-win for both the teams as when you lose, you get to drink! 😛

beer pong

Image Source: Weddingrams

20. Get Your Guests Recharged With Some Hula Hoop Fun

An absolute fun game to play, Hula Hoop isn’t as easy as it may seem. So, get a couple of Hula hoops and let your guests put them around their waists to make the most number of hoops. 

P.S. it’s an ultimate test to check how flexible your wedding guests are 😛

fun wedding games

Image Source: What Knot In

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21. Spruce It Up With A Limbo Game!

A game of limbo is an interesting one to add in your destination wedding fun. This game can be played with a number of guests. All they have to do is bend backwards and walk under the stick. It starts with the height being easily walked under, to an extremely low height which makes it tricky and challenging for the participants. This game will definitely make everyone remember your wedding celebration with that perfect dose of madness and laughter!

limbo game

limbo game

Image Source: Aniket Mazumdar

22. Pyramid of Glasses

This one’s a classic Indian game played in Melas. Revive your childhood memories by aiming at the pyramid of glasses to knock them all off at once to win the game!

Indian wedding games

Image Source: Castles & Coasters

23. The Jumping Sack Race!

Just wear those sacks and start running to win! 

P.S. Get those sacks customized with your initials, wedding hashtags or some funny and edgy one-liners.

Wondering where and how you can include such fun and OTB wedding games in your Indian wedding? Well, right from the haldi or mehndi function, pool party and sundowners to sangeet and reception, there ain’t no ceremony where you can’t incorporate some fun and exciting wedding games for your guests.

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