Besides planning the classic Flash mob and the enthusiastically choreographed dances, here are some grand ideas to make sure that the Sangeet/Cocktail night is an instant hit! It needs to be nothing less than a red carpet event. These super hit acts will make your event a great success and have people applaud satisfactorily.

Check out the Latest Ideas for Sangeet Night:

1. A Bollywood Performance For A Star-Studded Evening!

We’re all star struck when we see our favorite bollywood stars perform on the stage, what if you add that you are wedding? It’ll get that touch of glamour and everyone will go WOW! Terence Lewis and his troupe is sure shot plan!
Ideas For Sangeet night

Image Source: Rahul Tilokani

2. Rajasthani Folk Dancers Swaying!

Our deep love traditional performances can never be forgotten. From Bhangra dancers to Rajasthani Chari or Kalbeliya dancers, you’ll leave the guests in awe of these colorful, soulful act in the evening. They also manage to fit in some balancing tricks that looks amazing. Alankar Musical Group is an ideal place for you to find what you are looking for.
Ideas For Sangeet night

Image Source: Sephi Bergerson

3. A Live Band Singing Retro Songs.

From a Jazz band to a cover band, you can pick and choose the type of live band singing that you’d enjoy. If you’d like more deep Sufi & Bollywood music, then we recommend The Frequency Project for their interesting artists collaborations.
sangeet ceremony ideas

Image Source: Ashwani Basoya

4. A Magician To Make Your Eyes Pop!

A classic old school one, but it never dies. Getting a classic act by someone who not only knows the magic tricks but also how to entertain the audience is definitely going to work wonders getting the audience excited. Magician Sumit Kharbanda experience is worth vouching for.
sangeet ceremony ideas

Image Source: Sumit Kharbanda

5. An International Orchestra Playing Instrumental.

Think Pianists, violinists and saxophone players, and imagine a beautiful orchestra of 11 people sitting there and playing melodious tunes for your guests. It’s a delight to watch and listen to. We recommend the Electric Sings International Female Symphony Band for their sweet sounding music.
international dance for sangeet ceremony

Image Source: And Then Inc Talents

6. A DJ To Get Your Grooving!

A Sangeet night isn’t complete without a DJ in the house. An artist who can get the guests moving to the funky Punjabi beats or the classic International house music, you need a DJ who can work with the crowd and get them higher! DJ Sumit Sethi is an international performer and definitely knows the latest music to get you on the dance floor.
DJ for Sangeet night

Image Source: Sumit Sethi

7. A Soothing Musician & His One Man Show!

When you are looking at a one star performer who’ll make your evening memorable, original music composer and instrumentalist and Grammy Award winner, Manoj George is going to transform your night to make it exceptional.
musician for sangeet ceremony

Image Source: Manoj George

8. Comedy Acts For The Stomach Tickling Laughter!

Sunil Grover popularly known as Gutthi, is one comedian who’s known for his uncanny remarks and surely someone who’ll keep the guests entertained. You can go for a stand up comedy act that is a bit more daring if you will, giving him anecdotes from your personal life to make it more relatable.
Comedy Acts for sangeet night

Image Source: Sunil Grover

9. Some Classic Dhol Mixes For The Punjabi Moves!

We know our love for the dhol is unmatched. From the dhol wala on the mehendi night to dancing to tunes at the baraat. Now imagines, a percussionist who plays along with the DJ to indianize every song that is. Imagine dancing to Ed Sheeran Shape of you with some Indian beats! We recommend the Suboni Brothers for their power to make you dance all night long to their music!
dholwala at sangeet night

Image Source: Bollywood Bistro

Watch this amazing Bollywood performance to get you in the mood.
Feature Image by Ramit Batra Photography

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