2020 has forced many couples to rethink their wedding guest lists and have a small wedding instead. Rather than large affairs with hundreds of people, micro weddings with 50 guests are the new trend. 

This cultural shift has many guests rethinking what they should wear to a wedding. 

Here are some helpful guidelines for looking glamorous at a small wedding ceremony:

Keep it Subtle

Smaller venues and more intimate settings shift the fashion expectations toward more subtle glamor. Rather than wearing large jewelry or a sparkly gown, consider toning it down and opt for pastel colors. Keep it classy and elegant.

outfits for small wedding ceremony

Add Accent Pieces

If you’re opting for subtle attire, consider adding a single eye-catching accent piece to showcase your personality. This accent piece could be anything from a glamorous hat to a stunning scarf or an exclusive accessory. Adding a signature accent piece is a fantastic way to show off your glamorous flair without overdoing it in a small and intimate setting.

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Think Flow and Movement

Choose an outfit that allows for flow and movement in a small setting. This creates dimension in your outfit and creates a glamorous presence when you enter the room. 

Choose Quality Fabrics

Another way to look gorgeous at a small wedding is to choose high-quality fabrics. Consider silk or an embroidered piece from Nihal Fashions or another natural material like linen.

nihal fashions

Choosing high-quality fabrics looks great and ensures your comfort in a small setting. Natural materials are also ideal if you’ll be spending time outdoors at the event, as natural and quality fabrics have better breathability. 

Keep the Makeup and Hair Simple

Stylish updos and dark evening makeup don’t always fit in a small wedding. Opt for something chic and elegant without being overstated when choosing a hairstyle. Loose waves or a simple chignon look classy and fitting at a micro wedding.

tips for small wedding ceremony

When choosing makeup, keep it light and minimal but don’t hesitate to do a bold lip color or smokey eye.

Choose the Right Footwear

Choosing the right footwear can be the most challenging aspect of dressing for a small wedding. Consider the venue and whether you’ll be indoors or outside. If you’re outside, consider foregoing the high heels for a stylish flat or wedge. If you are mainly indoors, consider making the shoes your eye-catching accessory piece. 

Show Some Skin

Consider a dress with a deep V or off-the-shoulder sleeves. If you’re wearing a sleeveless dress, remember to pack a scarf or shawl when attending a church wedding. Being glamorous at a small wedding requires a balance of subtlety and ingenuity. Choose a few eye-catching statements to showcase your personality and casual glamour. 

So, now that you are aware of all the tips and tricks to have all the attention at a small wedding ceremony, make sure you note it down and don’t forget it.

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