Believe it or not but Punjabi weddings are one of the most fun-filled weddings in Indian traditions. It is not just the fun, but small-small emotional moments that make them the ‘Big Fat Punjabi Weddings’. And, it is these small things that are funny yet full of emotions that we observe at Punjabi weddings. Wouldn’t you agree, that all these things always happen at a Punjabi wedding without fail?

So, we are here to talk about all the things we see at Punjabi weddings:

1) Late Baraat- Isn’t This Obvious In A Punjabi wedding?

If you have ever been a part of Punjabi wedding then you must have seen that baraats are usually late to the wedding venue. And, why not, they have to dance a lot and without some fun dance moves, the baraat doesn’t move ahead. Especially, the aunties are seen performing in the baraat.

punjabi weddings dance

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2) They Take Their Bar Wherever They Go

Yes! This is true. Have you ever seen a Punjabi without a glass of whiskey in his hand? That is how ‘Punjabiyan di battery charge rehndi hai’.

patiala peg

3) Dhol Walas – Bari Barsi

No Punjabi wedding is a big fat punjabi wedding without Dhol Walas and specially without Bari Barsi being played. Also, the DJ has to play ‘Sadi Rail Gaddi’ where all the guests have to come on the DJ floor for the dance.

punjabi wedding

4) People Throwing Money While Dancing

Celebration is just incomplete without people throwing money. That is just the way to show how happy they are.

things happen at punjabi weddings

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5) Matchmaking Aunties At Punjabi Weddings Are Must

Because they have to say- ‘agla number tera hai’. And, then starts the endless search and recommendations of grooms/brides.

punjabi wedding thoughts

punjabi wedding thoughts

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6) NRI Guests at Punjabi Weddings

Because half of their guests stay in Canada!

punjabi NRI at weddings

7) Bling Outfits

Shaadi brings out the fashion queens and here comes the soni kuddis of Punjabi families.

north indian weddings

8) Hot Punjabi Kudis at Punjabi Weddings

If you are invited to a Punjabi wedding then get ready for some eye candy because you will find numerous hot Punjabi kudis at the wedding.

punjabi kudis at weddings

9) Uncles Dancing With A Whisky Glass On His Head!

This is their signature dance step when they are High- AF. And, tbh this is the moment we all wait for!

punjabi songs

10) Folk Dance

No Punjabi wedding is complete without some Bhangra performances. We can watch that for hours isn’t it?

flok dance

11) It Is Compulsory For The Bride To Dance At The Punjabi Wedding

A solo performance by the bride is as important as the wedding in a Punjabi wedding.

punjabi songs

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12) Loud Music Is A Sign Of Punjabis Around!

And, how cannot it happen at the wedding? You will hardly see them dancing on Arijit Singh because Moose Wala sadi jaan hega!

punjabi weddings

13) 10,000 Guests…

Punjabis can never go limited with their wedding guests because half of the Punjab and half of Canada is their family.

punjabi wedding guests

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14) Cool Dadi

You will always find one cool dadi on the bar enjoying and dancing at his grandson’s wedding.

punjabi dance

15) Good Food

Especially butter chicken is important in the food menu. And, no doubt the variety is endless when it comes to tikkas.

punjabi food

We have been part of many Punjabi weddings and we love each and every aspect of it. The way their celebrate and enjoy is what excites us and makes it different from other cultures. Let us know in the comment section if we missed out on something.

*All this is just for fun and not to harm the culture or traditions of the community.

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