Do you know that ensuring your wedding guests’ happiness is an important aspect of successful wedding planning? A wedding is one of the most special days of every person’s life. Most of us dream about it and plan for it years in advance as we want every single thing to be picture perfect on that big day. If you also want to plan a wedding which your guests will talk about for years to come, follow the tips listed below.

These tips can help you plan an amazing wedding, keep your wedding guest happy and even save you money:

1. Send Out Early Invites

In case your wedding guest list includes guests from other states or countries, you will need to give them sufficient notice of your forthcoming wedding. This will help them plan accordingly and you can be confident about having all your loved ones with you on your big day. Ideally, invitations should go out around three months prior to your wedding. If it feels a bit too early, you can schedule sending out ‘Save the Date’ reminders around fifteen to twenty days ahead of the event to all your wedding guests.

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2. Communicate the Flow of the Events Clearly

The schedule of your events may seem simple to you since you would have probably gone through it several times. However, your wedding guests may get confused about even simple things such as the exact time for the ceremones or the dinner. Provide them with maps and itineraries so that they feel confident and relaxed about the entire event. This will also relieve you of any anxiety about having your loved ones where you need them to be and ready to celebrate.

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3. Plan Smartly

You can have the wedding of your dreams along with keeping your wedding guests happy if you plan your wedding smartly. Be clear if you want to have the wedding at a local venue or a destination wedding. Do you want to base it on a particular theme? Such factors will help you have an estimate of the amount you would need for your wedding. If you find yourself short of funds, you can also apply for a personal loan for marriage. There are many trusted loan providers who offer flexible and quick options for a marriage loan. With proper planning, you can easily pay off this loan and have the wedding of your dreams.

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4. Arrange Accommodations And Transport

Accommodations and transport are a major factor to plan for in any wedding. If the wedding ceremony and the reception are being held at different locations, arrange for a transport service between the two venues for your wedding guests. Local bus companies often offer charter services for such purposes.

Shaadiwish Tip: You can even decorate these charter buses to match your wedding theme.

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5. Keep Their Comfort in Mind

There are several small aspects which can help make your wedding guests comfortable, right from food to childcare to washrooms. Some of your guests may have allergies which you should consider and include alternative meals for them. Ensure that you have sufficient stock of drinks for the big day. If you are planning the event outdoors, portable bathrooms or potties will help keep your guests comfortable. Also, providing your guests with some amenities such as blankets or shawls or relaxing footwear according to the weather can make them more comfortable and they can enjoy your special day to the fullest. Even if you are having a DJ or a band playing for the special day, remember that not everybody will want to dance. So set up some cosy areas a bit away from the dance and music area where such guests can relax.

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6. Add An Interactive Twist

Some form of interactive entertainment can add a unique twist your wedding and make it even more memorable. Caricaturists and magicians not only make for fantastic ice-breaker activities but also appeal to all age groups. You can even find some lawn games which are not only budget-friendly but will really help your wedding guests let their hair down and have an amazing time at your wedding.

wedding entertainment, wedding dance, wedding games

wedding entertainment, wedding dance, wedding games

7. Help Them Return Home Safe

In case you aren’t providing transportation, ensure that you share complete information to help your wedding guests travel to and from your venue safely. You can provide them with the names and contact details of local cab companies or other transportation information so that they can reach their homes without any hassle.

So go ahead and start planning for one of the most special days of your life and that too within your budget!

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Post by: Shiv Nanda





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