Pool sex might sound sultry and romantic and straight out of a movie, right? We are sure some of you all want to live the life and try skinny dipping while sipping margaritas with your bae, right? If you plan on turning your fantasy of pool sex or hot tub sex into a reality, then there are a few things you need to know before taking your pleasure sesh. As hot and romantic pool sex sounds, it isn’t without its risks. So, here are a few things to know before you dive in.

Want To Have Pool Sex? Here Are A Few Things You Must Know Before You Have Sex In The Pool:

1. Public vs Private Pool

When it comes to pool sex, one major factor to consider is if the pool is a public one or a private pool. Public pools are filled with bacteria as it’s open to the common public and leads to a lot of infections. So, it is best to avoid public pools or public hot tubs. However, if you don’t have access to a private pool opt for shower or bathtub sex if it’s the ‘water element’ that turns you on.

2. Pool Sex Can Be A Way To Spice Things Up

Bored of your same old routine and spice things up? Then pool sex can be a refreshing change from the usual. You can re-play or role play a movie scene while you sip on a delicious cocktail!

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3. Your Body Is Buoyant In Water

Yep, you read it right! Your body is buoyant in water, meaning you will feel weightless. This opens up a door to various possibilities and positions that you might not be able to explore otherwise.

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4. Don’t Forget, You Are Prone To Infection

While the sheer thought of pool sex may give you butterflies, doing it for real can give you a vaginal infection. The pool water contains chlorine along with other bacteria if it’s a public pool. If this bacteria-laden water enters the vagina during intercourse, it can lead to a lot of infections like bacterial vaginosis along with vaginal inflammation. Additionally, the chlorine in the water can alter the vagina’s natural acidic pH and make it more prone to infections. 

9 Things To Know Before Trying Pool Sex

5. Pool Sex And Condoms Don’t Get Along!

Using a condom in the pool is nearly impossible and is likely to slip off because of the water. In fact, it’s the same when you have sex in the shower or tub. Thanks to this, you might opt out of using a condom which may increase the risk of an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.

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6. Don’t Accidently Slip In The Pool!

It is not rocket science to understand that pool sex has a possibility of you getting injured. While you may want to try out different positions in the water, the water moves and resists your movement. It makes things slippery, and no one wants to rush to the emergency room because of pool sex gone wrong. 

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7. May Cause Genital Irritation & Even Chafing

Excessive exposure to chlorine during sexual intercourse in the pool water can dry out the vulvar skin. It may lead to irritation, redness, and rashes. While chaffing is yet another factor that you must consider and keep an anti-chafing cream handy!

8. Lube It A Must As Water Is Drying

It is a mis-concept and a myth that water should help keep you lubricated when having underwater sex, however this isn’t the case. Water can actually make things feel drier and even cause microtears on the vaginal lining which increases the risk of infection, irritation, and pain.

So, it is best to opt for a lube to make things easy for you. Avoid water-based lubes as they tend to wash away quickly in this scenario. Instead, opt for silicone or oil-based lubes.

9 Things To Know Before Trying Pool Sex


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9. Post Sex Hygiene Is Unmissable

Even though we listed a lot of the risks that come with having pool sex, this might just be one of those ideas that’s too sexy not to try at least once. We get it! But what comes after is something that is non-negotiable! Post sex hygiene is something that you simply should not ignore. Always pee after having sex in the pool to reduce the risk of vaginal and bladder infection. Shower thoroughly and cleanse your intimate areas with intimate washes to get rid of chlorine water, bacteria and any pH imbalance.

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