Getting butterflies in your stomach, or exchanging cute texts all day; you will always remember these things when you think of the golden period of your relationship. From often adventurous quickies to sex becoming a monthly routine, things might change after all those years of togetherness. Once the honeymoon period is over, you may feel a dry patch crawling in. This is where you need to put in that extra effort to make each other feel super-special. You can turn things around and bring back the spark in your relationship and spice up things in your sex life.

Here Are A Few Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life And Get Your Man In Mood Instantly:

Make The First Move

More often than not, women expect men to make the first move. But it’s time to step up! Don’t forget that the ‘E’ in ‘SEX’ stands for ‘Effort’! From planning a date, keeping the phones aside to making the first move in the bedroom, you must not shy away! Also sometimes, men are really into women who proudly display their affection and ask for what they want, and this could be an instant turn-on! Trust us, if you start off on a good note, you’ll have a fabulous ending.

Ways To Spice Up Things To Get Your Man In Mood

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Create An Atmosphere

Remember that men also get bored of the same old things, so it’s time to steer away from monotony. Make sure you create a sensual atmosphere, prioritize alone time, light up scented candles in the room, dim the lights, create a sexy playlist for some background music that will instantly change up a few things in the bedroom and will spice up things. Trust us, nothing gets a man in the mood like a sensual and romantic setup!

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Walk Down The Memory Lane

Nothing beats taking a walk down the memory lane, if you have been feeling distant from your partner lately, then sit down, cuddle and talk about all the wild times you have shared. Reminisce the honeymoon-period together, talk about the things you did or first tried, these things can help you reconnect. Try recreating those memories and it will bring back the romance and lead to a passionate intimate sesh with your bae.

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Dress Up

After years of being together, you get so comfortable in your skin that you stop putting efforts. Well honey, it’s time to dust that attitude off and dress up sexy for your man! Drop hints with some sexy or raunchy outfits and dress in a way that makes him more attracted to you. Trust us, it will work, and you can thank us later!

Ways To Spice Up Things To Get Your Man In Mood

Explore The Fantasy Land

The key to spicing things between the sheets is to take a break from the monotony. If you haven’t yet discussed your fantasies with your partner, you’re really missing out! Branch out and try some new sex positions, role play, BDSM stints, and sex toys are a few great ways to stir things up. However, it is best to talk to your partner about it first and check if he is up for these experiments too. Explore each other’s fantasies or sexual desires and make sure you fulfil them!

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Speak What’s On Your Mind To Spice Things Up

Trust us, there is nothing sexier than speaking what exactly you have on your mind. Be it exploring something new or revisiting a memory from the honeymoon phase or simply talking dirty. It is the best way to get your man’s motors working. Tell him that what you are craving, show some physical intimacy and wait for his response.

Ways To Spice Up Things To Get Your Man In Mood

Be A Tease

Lastly, be the little tease that a man always craves for! from those naughty stares, winks, sexy texts during office hours are a perfect way to give them something to look forward to at night. Send unexpected sexy selfies or a sneak peek on what lingerie you are or plan to wear at night, this will instantly spark things up leading to a night to remember! We know, it’s inappropriate but be rest assured, its verryy effective and will spice things up instantly.

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